Sketch Diary

8 July 2019

PERRICONE MD SKIN & TOTAL BODY SUPPLEMENTS Nutritional supplements are an essential part of Dr. Perricone’s 3-Tier Approach to support a healthy body and beautiful skin. This daily dose of premium nutrients and powerful antioxidants is designed to help nourish your total body from head to toe with support for immune and heart health, skin, hair, eyes, bones, joints, muscles, teeth, and nails~08.jpg

7 July 2019

BOBBI BROWN REMEDIES SKIN CLARIFIER NO. 75 PORE & OIL CONTROL This powerful yet non-stripping treatment features Manuka, Seabuckthorn and Rosehip oils to help balance sebum levels and create a healthy skin environment. Salicylic Acid, derived from Willow Tree Bark, helps remove pore-clogging debris and purify blemish-prone skin for a more refined complexion~07.jpg


6 July 2019

OLIVIA BURTON 3D BEE SQUARE DIAL BLACK & ROSE GOLD WATCH Add a little character to your wrist with this decorative timepiece. Inspired by nature, the design is embellished with our signature 3D bee motif in rose gold. A black watch face and a coordinating soft leather strap bring a versatile go-with-anything appeal to the piece. Look to its simple square dial to switch up your watch wardrobe~06.jpg

5 July 2019

LOQUAT is a species of flowering plant in the family Rosaceae, a native to the cooler hill regions of China to south-central China. It is also quite common in Japan, Korea, hilly Regions of India (Himachal), Potohar and foothill regions of Pakistan and some can be found in some Northern part of the Philippines, and hill country in Sri Lanka. It can also be found in some southern European countries such as Turkey, Cyprus, Greece, Malta, Italy, Albania, Spain and Portugal; and several Middle Eastern countries including Morocco Algeria, Iran, Syria, Iraq, Jordan, Israel and Lebanon. It is a large evergreen shrub or tree, grown commercially for its yellow fruit, and also cultivated as an ornamental plant. Eriobotrya japonica was formerly thought to be closely related to the genus Mespilus, and is still sometimes known as the Japanese medlar. It is also known as Japanese plum and Chinese plum. It is also known as pipa in China, and Nespola in Italy~05.jpg

4 July 2019

LÉKUÉ PINEAPPLE PLATINUM SILICONE ICECREAM MOLD A Platinum Silicone mold with lid to make pineapple icecreams easy to unmold~04.jpg

3 July 2019

LÉKUÉ MICROWAVE STEAM CASE WITH TRAY Steaming is not just for vegetarians. Actually, it gives a delicious flavour to fish and meat recipes, bringing out all the aromas and juices, thanks to the perfect combination of microwave and steam case. The variety of dishes that can be made using the steam case is endless. Talent and creativity are the only limits. For this reason and for their safety, the steam case is the perfect kitchen utensil for introducing children to this wonderful world, in a fun and easy way. The magic of the Lékué Steam Case is difficult to explain until you try it and discover its versatility and the endless possibilities it offers you for cooking. Being surprised by the wonders of steaming is one of the strong points of the steam case. We have designed it with the special care that goes into everything we make at Lékué, with a clear aim of revolutionizing the place of the microwave in the home. We knew it would be a success and it still is. Our greatest satisfaction is that the steam case perfectly reflects our philosophy: It gives us that healthy, natural, tasty and easy to prepare cuisine that is our inspiration and driving force. There are no limits to cooking whatever you like with the Steam Case, in terms of ingredients, as well as easy and healthy recipes. It is a healthier diet, food preserves all of its properties, nutrients and flavours by being steamed in its own juices and can be prepared so quickly and easily that it truly seems like magic. But it isn’t. It is the result of the hard work and care that we put into our products, plus the talent and enjoyment of all of our “chefs” throughout the world. The Steam Case is made of high-efficiency, high-quality platinum silicone. Once you try it, your kitchen will never be the same~03.jpg

2 July 2019

CREATES YOUR OWN COOL PERSONAL CLIMATE using natural evaporative technology, best for hot dry climates;
FOR PERSONAL USE – Cools the area in front of the device (33 sq.ft./ 4 sq.m), approximately the size of a desk, couch or bed;
3-IN-1: Cools, humidifies, and cleans dust particles from the air for healthier breathing. You don’t need more to have several devices like air conditioner and humidifier;
AMAZON ALEXA COMPATIBLE – Works with various Smart Home assistants like Amazon Alexa with voice commands;
MANAGE IT WITH MOBILE APP – evaSMART evaporative air cooler has its’ own mobile app to manage all the features and all your evaSMART devices remotely from one place via Wi-Fi~02.jpg

1 July 2019

BON PARFUMEUR PARIS 301 SANDALWOOD AMBER CARDAMOM PERFUME Spicy and oriental top notes join the woody and milky facets of the heart notes. The soft, hot and intoxicating scent from the sandalwood’s essence is at the heart of this composition. A rich sensation of an old whisky barrel lingers~01.jpg

30 June 2019

THE ORDINARY GRANACTIVE RETINOID 2% EMULSION This product uses next-generation retinoid active technologies which have been shown to achieve better reduction in signs of aging than retinol without irritation. These technologies cannot be compared directly with retinol itself in terms of concentration because they include a different retinoid molecule, in a similar way that Retinol cannot be compared with Retinoic Acid in terms of concentration~30.jpg

29 June 2019

MADE BY COW COLD PRESSED RAW PROBIOTIC KEFIR COCONUT A nutrient-rich drink loaded with a unique blend of 14 live kefir cultures and probiotics. Made with quality, raw Jersey milk that’s expertly treated with cold high pressure, then naturally fermented with traditional kefir cultures. Crafted with real, organic coconut, it’s 100% natural, deliciously creamy and loaded with probiotic goodness.
This is cold pressed raw kefir. For a happier, balanced tummy~29.jpg