20 September 2018

DYSON CINETIC BIG BALL MULTI FLOOR VACUUM The only vacuum with no maintenance and no loss of suction. No filters to wash or replace. Engineered to clean all floor types with ease.
The vacuum that gets back up when toppled: Conventional vacuums fall down and stay down. Dyson Big Ball barrel vacuums pick themselves up.
Ball™ technology: allows easier steering around obstacles. A streamlined body helps to prevent snagging;
Dyson Cinetic™ science: Dyson’s most efficient cyclone captures dust, dirt and microscopic particles;
The only vacuum with no dirty filters to wash or replace: Dust separation is so efficient that, unlike with conventional vacuums, there’s no need to wash or replace a filter;
Hygienically ejects the dirt: Drive out trapped dust and debris with just the push of a button. There’s no need to touch the dirt;
Larger, high-capacity bin: 33% bigger than the previous generation of Dyson Cinetic™ barrel vacuums;
Musclehead floor tool: Automatically adjusts to all floor types;
Articulated handle for easy, versatile cleaning: The wand’s handle rotates in three directions, allowing full 360° articulation for greater control~20.jpg

19 September 2018

KOGAN 49″ SMART HDR 4K LED TV SERIES 8 MU8010 Delivering true-to-reality 4K picture on a stunning LG Panel, enhanced HDR and streaming support for Netflix and Youtube, prepare for an immersive and astonishingly vivid viewing experience on this elegant 49” Smart TV.
4K Ultra HD 3840 × 2160 resolution at 60Hz;
High Dynamic Range (HDR) for a viewing experience that is incredibly real;
Easy access buttons for Netflix and YouTube;
Freeview Plus (ABC iview, SBS On Demand, 7Plus, 9Now, tenplay);
Screen mirroring for Android and Windows 10 devices;
Rapid 9ms response times so every frame renders in perfect clarity;
Quality LG panel;
Linux Operating System;
Wi-Fi and LAN connectivity;
2 x USB and 3 x HDMI~19.jpg

18 September 2018

STAUB ROUND COCOTTE / DUTCH OVENS is unsurpassed for slow cooking meats and vegetables to tender perfection and for simmering hearty soups and stews. Cast iron possesses exceptional heat retaining qualities, resulting in even heating throughout. The innovative lid features tiny spikes on the interior that continually release condensed liquid back onto the food, yielding moist, flavorful results. The Cocotte also makes a great serving piece, going directly from stove to table.
The STAUB brand has its origins in France – more precisely in Alsace, a region world-famous for its culinary artistry and good food. The product range focuses on cast-iron and ceramic cookware for consumers who seek the authentic and emotional experience of cooking and taste. STAUB products perfectly combine traditional craftsmanship and state-of-the-art technology. Renowned restaurateurs around the world come to appreciate the high quality of STAUB cookware, which explains why they are not just used in the kitchens of prestigious restaurants. Even amateur cooks can enjoy the benefits of using STAUB cookware for both prepping and serving delicious food directly to the table.
Self-basting spikes on the lid create a rain-forest effect evenly returning juices back onto food;
Heavy weight, tight-fitting lid retains moisture;
Oven Safe up to 500F;
Nickel steel knob~18.jpg

17 September 2018

IKEA NOCKEBY TWO-SEAT SOFA You get extra soft comfort and support because the thick seat cushions have a core of pocket springs and a top of cut foam and polyester fibres. The core of pocket springs is durable and keeps its form and soft comfort for a longer time. There’s plenty of room for everyone to sit comfortably thanks to the sofa’s spacious design. The cover is easy to keep clean as it is removable and can be machine washed. 10 year guarantee. Designer: Ola Wihlborg.
Care instructions:
Removable cover;
Machine wash, max 40°C, normal process;
To be washed separately;
Do not bleach;
Do not tumble dry;
Iron on reverse, max 150°C;
Professional dry cleaning in tetrachloroethene and hydrocarbons, normal process;
Width: 203 cm;
Depth: 97 cm;
Height: 82 cm;
Free height under furniture: 15 cm;
Seat depth: 60 cm;
Seat height: 44 cm~17.jpg

16 September 2018

IKEA HÄRÖ / VÄSTERÖN OUTDOOR TABLE AND 2 STOOLS WHITE AND GREY COLOUR The materials in this outdoor furniture require no maintenance. Takes little room to store as the table folds flat and the stool is stackable.
Designer: I Bermudez/F Cayouette/IKEA of Sweden.
Table (length 55 cm, width 60 cm, height 71 cm). Stool (length 36 cm, width 36 cm, seat width 24 cm, seat depth 24 cm, height 44 cm).
Table, outdoor: With a mild soapy solution;
Stool, in/outdoor: With a mild soapy solution;
Table, outdoor: Require no maintenance;
Stool, in/outdoor: Require no maintenance;
Storing: If possible, store in a cool dry place indoors. If the furniture is stored outside, cover it with a waterproof cover. After a rain or snowfall, wipe off excess water or snow from flat surfaces. Allow air to circulate to avoid condensation~16.jpg

15 September 2018

IKEA ASKHOLMEN PLANT STAND GREY-BROWN LIGHT BROWN GREY-BROWN STAINED For added durability and so you can enjoy the natural expression of the wood, the furniture has been pre-treated with a layer of semi-transparent wood stain.
Designer: Jon Karlsson.
Width: 45 cm;
Depth: 29 cm;
Height: 116 cm~15.jpg

14 September 2018

IKEA BIRCH PLYWOOD FROSTA STOOL The stool can be stacked, so you can keep several on hand and store them on the same space as one.
Tested for: 100 kg;
Seat diameter: 35 cm;
Width: 42 cm;
Seat height: 45 cm~14.jpg

13 September 2018

SHARP R350EW MICROWAVE This 1200W Midsize microwave is perfect for the whole family and can be used for everyday defrosting, cooking and reheating of your favourite meals. This microwave features a Smart Inverter for faster and more even heating, a humidity sensor for a more intuitive approach to cooking and LED text guidance for ease of use. This microwave has 23 Auto Menus which have been developed to make defrosting, cooking and reheating your favourite dishes at home a breeze. Cook with confidence using Inverter Technology as it ensures faster cooking, reheating and defrosting times through the controlled delivery of true power levels. A continuous flow of true power levels throughout the entire cooking procedure will reduce problems such as uneven cooking and the development of hotspots. Inverter microwaves don’t have the need for a bulky and heavy power transformer, as they have a circuit board, so not only does this allow for a much lighter oven, but you’ll also have more internal space to cook your favourite foods. It’s that simple! Eliminate all the guesswork. Humidity sensors monitor the amount of moisture rising from the food to determine popular cooking and reheating times. Put simply, Sensor Technology easily calculates the cooking or reheating times and power levels to produce perfect results every time without any worry or stress that you will undercook or overcook your meals.The Australian Developed menus on this microwave are fantastic for everyday defrosting, reheating and cooking of popular dishes. The R350EW microwave is pre-programmed with 23 Auto Menus including 2 Sensor Reheat menus, 12 Sensor Cook menus, 3 Melt/Soften menus, and 6 Defrost menus. All of these auto menus are so simple to use and give you a range of different menus which you can easily or quickly prepare at home and the Melt/Soften menu is great for melting butter or chocolate for recipes or even softening some ice cream or cream cheese to enjoy~13.jpg

12 September 2018

K MART 18L TOASTER OVEN Toast delicious sandwiches easily in this toaster oven that is functional and stylish.
18 litres;
Variable temperature control up to 230 ℃;
60 minute timer with bell and stay on function;
12-month warranty;
23cm (H) x 43.2cm (W) x 30cm (D)~12.jpg

11 September 2018

K MART 4 CUBE UNIT WHITE COLOUR Style your home with this charming cube unit designed with a contemporary look.
60cm (H) x 60cm (W) x 29cm (D);
4 cube design;
Maximum load capacity of 15kg (top) and 5kg (middle shelf);
For indoor use only~11.jpg