22 November 2018

VORWERK THERMOMIX The product of more than 40 years of German design and innovation, Thermomix replaces over 12 appliances and becomes a second set of hands in the kitchen. When you’re working late or tied up with the kids and need dinner fast, a good home-cooked meal is the last thing on your mind. But with your Thermomix you can make delicious food that’s still ready in an instant~22.jpg

21 November 2018

APPLE IPAD PRO The vision for iPad has always been to create a single, magical piece of glass that can become whatever you want it to be. The new iPad Pro is the ultimate expression of that vision. Every aspect has been re-engineered with our most innovative technologies. It’s unlike any iPad before. Or for that matter, anything before.
The new iPad Pro features an all‑new, all‑screen design. But it’s not just any screen, it’s the most advanced display on the planet. And with less volume and more screen than ever, there’s more room to create, work and watch.
The Liquid Retina display features industry‑leading colour accuracy, so you see true‑to‑life colour from one rounded corner to the other. Using a process called subpixel anti-aliasing, we rounded the corners by tuning individual pixels for smooth, distortion‑free edges. True Tone dynamically adjusts white balance so images on the display look natural and are easier on your eyes. And thanks to the lowest reflectivity in the industry, the display is clear and readable wherever you take your iPad Pro~21.jpg

20 November 2018

OVEN SYMBOLS Defrosting Frozen Foods, Hot Air Cooking, Ventilated Grill Cooking, Grilling~20.jpg

19 November 2018

BORMIOLI ROCCO QUATTRO STAGIONI GLASS 500ML PRESERVING JAR This bottle is ideal for preserving jams, jellies, tapenades and pestos.
It can also be used decoratively at weddings and other occasions: fill it with sweets or a homemade preserve for a truly memorable occasion.
The bottle features beautiful etching on its sides and comes complete with a lid which incorporates a pop top seal to help you visually see that a vacuum has formed during the preserving process.
The Bormioli Rocco Quattro Stagioni range is one of the most advanced collections of preserving jars around and the secret is all in the lid.
The lid has a commercial-grade one-piece design that features a pop top and a high-tech seal that maximises venting during the preserving process to form a strong hermetic seal~19.jpg

18 November 2018

VICTORIA BITTER LIMITED EDITION SYDNEY ROOSTERS NRL PREMIERS 2018 VB CAN Celebrate Sydney Roosters’ victory in the 2018 NRL Grand Final with the ‘Big Cold Beer’. Victoria Bitter has long been Australia’s favourite beer. The great taste brewed to deliver full-bodied flavour when ice cold, will quench any hard earned thirst. Australian Beer~18.jpg

17 November 2018

LE CREUSET SIGNATURE CAST IRON SHALLOW CASSEROLE These family-sized casseroles are perfect for stews with both meats and vegetables, whether used for a hearty pork stew or side dish of jasmine rice. A paella, couscous or simple seafood linguine cooked and then served at the table in the Le Creuset’s Shallow Casserole looks simply stunning! The new Signature features, which include easy-grip, 45% larger handles, enhanced tight-fitting lid, toughened, easy-to-clean enamel interior, and a stylish, heat resistant stainless steel knob, combine the best of the kitchen classic with the latest innovations in comfort and functionality. Individually hand crafted in France since 1925, Le Creuset Cast Iron casseroles are protected by a Lifetime Warranty for your peace of mind. They can be used on all types of hob~17.jpg

16 November 2018

LE CREUSET ENAMEL STOCKPOT Designed to function efficiently on a full range of heat sources, Enamel on Steel Stockpots are not only resistant to wear and damage, but also versatile enough for any type of stovetop, old or new. Their high-profile design limits evaporation while forcing liquids to bubble through all layers of ingredients, infusing the entire dish with flavour during cooking~16.jpg

15 November 2018

BAYER POLARAMINE Antihistamine tablet that works by reducing symptoms that are associated with an allergic reaction or hayfever. These symptoms are alleviated when the active ingredient (Dexchlorpheniramine Maleate), targets the histamine released by the immune system~15.jpg

14 November 2018

Seasonal Allergic Rhinitis: Cetirizine is indicated for the relief of symptoms associated with seasonal allergic rhinitis (hay fever) in adults and children 6 years and over. Symptoms treated effectively include sneezing, rhinorrhea, post-nasal discharge, nasal pruritus, ocular pruritus, tearing and redness of the eyes., Perennial allergic rhinitis: Cetirizine is indicated for the relief of symptoms associated with perennial allergic rhinitis in adults and children 6 years and over. Symptoms treated effectively include sneezing, rhinorrhea, post-nasal discharge, nasal pruritus, ocular pruritus and tearing., Chronic idiopathic urticaria: Cetirizine is indicated for the treatment of the uncomplicated skin manifestations of chronic idiopathic urticaria in adults and children 6 years and over. It significantly reduces the occurrence, severity and duration of hives and markedly reduces pruritus. As with other antihistamines, patients should be advised to seek medical advice about the possibility that their urticaria is associated with ingestion of certain foods~14.jpg

13 November 2018

●  1.5 Lt Tritan™ BPA‐Free Jug
●  Transparent lid with measuring cup
●  Stainless steel dual blades, detachable
●  Safety lock when removing blender jug
●  Overload motor protection
●  Motor with Smooth Start function
●  Built‐in cord wrap
●  Anti‐slip feet
●  Power 800 W
●  4 speeds (18000 max revolution/minute)
●  3 preset programs: smoothie, ice crush, pulse
●  Dimensions HxLxW 397x197x163 mm
●  Net weight 3.2 Kg~13.jpg