31 May 2019

OLAY GOLDEN AURA MELTING SOUFFLÉ MOISTURIZER AIR FINISH  Sold exclusively online for skin care insiders like you, Olay Golden Aura Soufflé Face Moisturizer delivers 1,000x the moisture of its own weight for 24 hours of hydration. This trending face cream in Asia features the latest skin care innovation from Olay: Golden Yeast Peptide. Thanks to a multi-decade clinical study, Olay discovered that skin loses its ability to repair itself as we age. Golden Yeast Extract with 100+ peptides reverses visible signs of aging. This unique formula paired with Vitamin B3 replenishes hydration to increase skin’s firmness in 5 days for firm skin that lasts. To use this facial moisturizer, simply press the unique airless pump and apply. It flawlessly melts into your skin for a soft, smooth finish — just like a soufflé. The airless pump design preserves the skin care formula, and gives you the perfect amount without wasting a drop~31.jpg

30 May 2019

The 6.67 inch Fluid AMOLED display on the OnePlus 7 Pro is our most advanced screen ever. Experience unrivalled smoothness and clarity with a 90 Hz refresh rate and QHD+ resolution. Experience a high-resolution display with a 90 Hz refresh rate, designed to display your content with dramatic clarity. The display curves over the edges for an arresting design and an immersive viewing experience. Upgraded Screen Unlock technology ensures you can reliably unlock your OnePlus 7 Pro in just 0.21 seconds. Every tap, swipe and button press feels instant and effortless thanks to the world’s first AMOLED display with a 90 Hz refresh rate. Capture life in brand-new ways with a 48 MP main camera, ultra wide angle lens and 3x optical zoom. Combined with smart scene recognition and new Nightscape 2.0 technology, the OnePlus 7 Pro is your personal photo studio. Take in wide vistas with a new Ultra-Wide Angle Lens designed to increase the range of your photos by up to 48%~30.jpg

29 May 2019

PANDORA LUCKY FOUR-LEAF CLOVERS HANGING EARRINGS  Make a modern statement of luck with this sterling silver four-leaf clover earrings. Delicate lines run down the leaves, which are embellished with a clear stone for a hint of sparkle. The long stems make the clovers appear to be flourishing. Available in-store and online, for a limited time only, while stocks last;
PANDORA MOVING CLOVER RING  Luck gleams from every angle on this sterling silver four-leaf clover open ring. One leaf is fixed in place, while the others are movable, creating an effect where the clover moves with you, as if it is dancing in the wind. Available in Pandora Concept stores and online, for a limited time only, while stocks last~29.jpg

28 May 2019

GLOSSIER GENERATION G SHEER MATTE LIPSTICK is a new kind of lip color that gives the look and finish of just-blotted lipstick, without the blot. We’ve created a short list of the six most important shades, with dialed-down pigment loads for a casual look.
Wax Matrix:
A combination of sunflower and synthetic beeswax that creates a smooth, cushiony texture and feel on lips and protects against bullet breakage;
Blue Agave:
Binds water inside lips for comfortable wear;
Safflower Oil:
High in linoleic acid, it creates a barrier to prevent moisture loss in lips;
Lychee Rose Scent:
Subtle and fresh~28.jpg

27 May 2019

PANTENE MICELLAR GENTLE CLEANSING SHAMPOO removes impurities while helping to protect your natural look – gentle enough on hair for daily use. Discover how your scalp and hair can get gently purified without getting stripped of essential nutrients. Rich in antioxidants & Pro-Vitamins, yet with 0% silicones, parabens or dyes, this breakthrough shampoo maintains the perfect balance between your cleansing and nourishment needs~27.jpg

26 May 2019

ECOVACS DEEBOT 900 VACUUMING ROBOT  knows your home while it cleans. With Smart Navi Mapping and Navigation Technology, DEEBOT can scan and map your living space to give you customizable cleaning choices. As well being controllable via smart home system, DEEBOT 900 provides you a better experience and cleaner floors beneath your feet. DEEBOT 900 Knows your home. Once it gets started, the robot will scan and map your home which allows it to orient itself and plan an efficient cleaning path. Therefore, DEEBOT 900 provides you customized options while finishing the cleaning tasks efficiently. Smart Navi Mapping and Navigation Technology is what allows DEEBOT 900 to scan and map your whole living space and cover all available ground. With the visual map in ECOVACS App, you can draw virtual boundaries, choose cleaning modes and assign cleaning areas, finding the best way to clean. As your DEEBOT 900 gets to know its surroundings, it will move in an efficient cleaning path, designed especially for a more thorough and systematic clean. DEEBOT 900 is extremely versatile, with a host of customizable features that can be turned on and adjusted to suit your home, for a more comprehensive clean. With the ECOVACS App and mapping feature, you can create virtual boundaries that restrict the DEEBOT to cleaning a specific area, and preventing it from wandering off into areas you don’t want it to go. The DEEBOT 900 is designed to work autonomously. For example, if the DEEBOT’s battery is low, it will go back to the charging station and recharge itself automatically, then return to the area it left off to continue cleaning. It can also be assigned a regular, daily cleaning schedule. This means more time for you to do what you love~26.jpg

25 May 2019

Nude suede pointed toe pumps with a stiletto mid heel. Made in Italy;
Always exploring the use of texture, Manolo uses contrast leather and pony to provide maximum visual impact, an optical feast. Blue calf hair mules featuring suede buckle and kitten heel. Made in Italy~25.jpg

23 May 2019

CHAMPAGNE & MOËT BRUT IMPÉRIAL CHAMPAGNE is the House’s iconic champagne. Created in 1869, it embodies Moët & Chandon’s unique style, a style distinguished by its bright fruitiness, its seductive palate and its elegant maturity. Created from more than 100 different wines, of which 20% to 30% are reserve wines specially selected to enhance its maturity, complexity and constancy, the assemblage reflects the diversity and complementarity of the three grapes varietals.
An elegant colour:
Golden straw yellow with green highlights;
A sparkling bouquet:
The vibrant intensity of green apple and citrus fruit;
The freshness of mineral nuances and white flowers;
The elegance of blond notes (brioche, cereal, fresh nuts);
The delicious sumptuousness of white-fleshed fruits (pear, peach, apple);
The alluring caress of fine bubbles;
The soft vivacity of citrus fruit and nuances of gooseberry~23.jpg

22 May 2019

MARCATO ATLAS 150 PASTA MACHINE The most popular machine for making fresh home-made pasta. Icon of Made in Italy Design. With Atlas 150 you can easily make lasagna, fettuccine, tagliolini and 13 other pasta shapes thanks to the wide range of accessories. You can choose from the chrome steel version to the anodised aluminium in 5 different colours.
The 10-position adjustment knob of Atlas 150 allows you to prepare pasta sheets in different thicknesses, suitable for many types of pasta.
Atlas 150 allows you to instantly prepare Lasagne with a maximum width of 150 mm, 6.5 mm Fettuccine and 1.5 mm Tagliolini~22.jpg

21 May 2019

EPSON WORKFORCE DS-40 DOCUMENT SCANNERS Perfect for busy professionals, the Epson WorkForce DS-40 is designed for simple and effective document management within the home, office or mobile environments. Businesses who have a requirement to scan receipts, brochures, cards or other documents can improve retrieval time and desk space with the Epson DS-40. Similarly, the Epson WorkForce DS-40 is designed for business people who are engaged in field work, which requires simple and effective digitizing of paperwork for immediate sharing~21.jpg

20 May 2019

AERA DIFFUSER Transform and transport your living space with Aera, the simple, sleek, motorized device which welcomes you and your guests with beautiful fragrances. Its gentle whir means Aera’s innovative micro-droplet technology is enveloping a room with a consistent, even fragrance. The resulting scent effect will forever change how you view home fragrance. This hypoallergenic dispersion technology allows Aera’s fragrances to last for months, becoming a dependable, everyday part of your home. Best of all, Aera’s automated app enables you to control scent levels and set schedules so that you experience the exact scenting effect that you want, when you want~20.jpg

19 May 2019

COCA COLA COFFEE PLUS a limited edition sparkling fusion of sugar free cola and real coffee from Brazil uniquely designed for the Australian market. Encouraging Aussies to treat themselves and try something new, the campaign suggests original ways to savour the product. Targeting adults primarily, Coca-Cola Plus Coffee has a mild sweetness, while offering a rich coffee aroma. The authentic and bold flavours were specifically chosen as, in addition to coffee continuing to be a trending flavour, market data indicates that it is the second most consumed beverage in Australia, now representing 15 per cent of Aussie’s beverage repertoire~19.jpg

18 May 2019

THE JUICE LAB GIMME GREEN PRESSED JUICE No added sugar, no fruit concentrates, no artificial colours, no artificial flavours, no preservatives, 2.5 serves of fruit per bottle, high in antioxidant Vitamin C. A dark green juice made with blend of pear, apple, banana, cucumber, spinach, kale, lemon, chlorophyll and a hint of cayenne pepper. Made in Australia from at least 92% Australian ingredients.
Ingredients List:
Goulburn Valley Pear (62%), Pink Lady Apple Juice (21%), Banana Puree (7%), Cucumber Puree (5%), Spinach Puree (2%), Kale Purre (2%), Chlorophyll (0.2%), Cayenne Pepper, Vitamin C~18.jpg

17 May 2019

COCA-COLA SIGNATURE MIXERS HERBAL NOTES BY ANTONIO NARANJO The unique yet familiar flavor of Coca-Cola has cemented its status as one of the world’s most beloved mixers. Now, with dark spirits making a comeback and the cocktail culture hotter than ever, Coca-Cola is teaming up with some of the world’s most innovative mixologists to craft a line of mixers. Coca-Cola Signature Mixers will be sold exclusively in the U.K. starting next month in sleek Hutchinson glass bottles – a nod to the silhouette of the first-ever Coca-Cola bottle from 1894. Each batch is stamped with the signature of its co-creator. A delightfully floral, crisp and tart mix, this Signature Mixer was developed to deliver fresh and herbaceous notes for the discerning palate. Balancing refreshing notes of lemongrass with the earthy tones of dill seed and tagetes, it is an inviting mixer with a refreshing, simple profile that pairs beautifully with amber whiskies and most types of rum~17.jpg

16 May 2019

TAMARIND is a leguminous tree in the family Fabaceae indigenous to tropical Africa. The genus Tamarindus is a monotypic taxon (having only a single species).
The tamarind tree produces pod-like fruit that contains an edible pulp used in cuisines around the world. Other uses of the pulp include traditional medicine and metal polish. The wood can be used for woodworking and tamarind seed oil can be extracted from the seeds. Its tender young leaves are used in Indian cuisine, especially in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Because of tamarind’s many uses, it is cultivated around the world in tropical and subtropical zones.
The fruit is an indehiscent legume, sometimes called a pod, 12 to 15 cm in length, with a hard, brown shell. The fruit has a fleshy, juicy, acidulous pulp. It is mature when the flesh is coloured brown or reddish brown. The tamarinds of Asia have longer pods (containing six to 12 seeds), whereas African and West Indian varieties have shorter pods (containing one to six seeds). The seeds are somewhat flattened, and a glossy brown. The fruit is best described as sweet and sour in taste, and is high in tartaric acid, sugar, B vitamins, and, unusually for a fruit, calcium. The fruit is harvested by pulling the pod from its stalk. A mature tree may be capable of producing up to 175 kg of fruit per year. Veneer grafting, shield (T or inverted T) budding, and air layering may be used to propagate desirable cultivars. Such trees will usually fruit within three to four years if provided optimum growing conditions~16.jpg

15 May 2019

Fingerprint Recognition:
Allows you to get access to your device quickly, convenient, secure and fast;
CPU Intel Core m3-7Y30, Dual Core, up to 2.6GHz:
Equipped with powerful processing power, the One Mix 2 has better performance, and delivers plenty of power for multitasking, gaming and movies;
GPU Intel HD Graphics 615:
On-processor graphics with shared video memory provide high image quality with basic photo editing and casual gaming;
8GB DDR3 offers a fast read and write speed which allows games and programs run smoothly. 256GB is sufficient for the average users data storage;
7-inch Touchscreen With High 1920*1200 Resolution:
High resolution displays for tablets. It is perfect for everyday use, but also suitable for specialist workloads;
6500mAh Large Battery: Use this laptop all day and night on one charge;
Windows 10 OS: Equipped with the latest genuine Windows 10 operating system with up to date software updates;
Dual Band 2.4GHz / 5.0GHz WiFi:
802.11a/b/g/n/ac wireless Internet, allows you to connect to the Web while within range of an available wireless network~15.jpg

14 May 2019

PAUL & JOE CUTE CAT LIPSTICK UV REFILL SPF25 PA+ Offering superb SPF25 UV protection, this lipstick in a cute cat shape protects delicate lips from UV radiation. A smooth texture with the fresh cooling sensation of a menthol derivative makes treatment of lips a refreshing routine during spring and summer, when exposure to UV rays is particularly a concern. It can also be used as a lip primer as it creates a thick layer that clings to the lips to cover annoying vertical lines~14.jpg

13 May 2019

VORWERK KOBOLD VR300 VACUUM ROBOT has a powerful suction force and cleans carpets and hard floors with reliable efficiency. Its innovative round brush with rubber fins and a front brush enable more dirt to be picked up. A practical side brush cleans difficult to reach areas along edges and in corners. Not even door thresholds can stop the vacuum robot: it overcomes them effortlessly thanks to an integrated climbing function. It returns automatically to the charging station when the battery (5,833mAh) is empty and resumes its work at the previous location after charging. The sophisticated vacuum robot is easy to control via the Kobold robot app. The work area can be delimited from anywhere by way of No-Go lines or defined using a layout plan. It is even possible to start cleaning remotely. A connection with Amazon Alexa makes operation even more convenient as the robot is controllable via voice command. The robot’s dust bin is emptied hygienically via the intake slit when its work is done~13.jpg

12 May 2019

SHOYO TIME ESSENCE GRAPE & AÇAI BERRY & BLUEBERRY FLAVOUR COMPOUND DRINK  Refreshing, aromatic, flavorful, this beverage is rich in natural fruit. And the best part? The ingredients come from the same wellspring of goodness as your own body; the wellspring of nature. this scientific combination – full, satisfying flavor and real nutrition- will supplement your days and nights with nature’s energy and a sense of wholeness. Why? Because you are nature~12.jpg


11 May 2019

Welcome to an awesome invention for printing photos, videos, and GIFs that come to life before your eyes: the Lifeprint 3×4 Hyperphoto printer for iPhone. With our redesigned instant photo printer, augmented reality printing is bigger, better, and broader than before. We redesigned our 2×3 Hyperphoto printer so you can instantly print 3×4 Polaroid size photos. When it comes to enjoying the visual details of your prints, bigger is definitely better. Our latest instant photo printer adds an extra inch of length and width to every image that you print. Thanks to improved color algorithms, our 3×4 printer also adds greater color clarity to your prints. Whether you’re creating prints of natural scenery, images of urban life, or events from a friend or family member’s latest party, our technology makes the colors in your images pop. After you see the dramatic results of your prints, you’ll surely want to share them with others. We’ve made this easier by creating a printer that lets you share by using WiFi, in addition to Bluetooth. Use our new, built-in WiFi chip to share prints with Lifeprint users around the world~11.jpg

10 May 2019

This comprehensive guide to the world of terrariums details every part of creating highly unusual and beautiful miniature indoor gardens. Easy to make, these 33 unique terrarium projects are inspired by ecosystems around the world, including a fern-filled Black Forest from Germany, a delicate bonsai garden from Kyushu in the south of Japan, and a tableau of olive and thyme from the shores of the Sea of Galilee in Israel. Lush photography and helpful insider tips and tricks round out this one-of-a-kind handbook. With a variety of projects and plenty of step-by-step instructions covering every element of crafting a terrarium, anyone can fashion a stunning piece of living art~10.jpg

8 May 2019

All OS Support: Supporting Windows 8, 10 / Android/iOS/Mac OS wil help PENNA to run on most devices;
Cherry Mechanical KeySwitch: Aoption of Cherry Switch, known as the world’s most advanced switch technology, ensures fast and accurate typing;
Macro Bar: Utilize Macro bars to save frequently used keys, worlds and recall them any time by pressing the bar just one;
Bluetooth 4.2(BLE): Widely Compatible with Cellphone,Tablet or laptop with Android, Windows10, iOS and Mac OS system;
Multi-pairing: Restering up to 5 devices via Bluetooth;
Cradle Holder: Built-in cradle holds your smartphone / tablet at the ideal angle for viewing~08.jpg

7 May 2019

ILLAWARRA FLY TREETOP ADVENTURES is a 1.5km walk through beautiful warm temperate rainforest with 500 metres of steel walkway nestled in the treetop canopy some 20-30 metres above the ground. The walkway culminates in Knights Tower, a spiral tower that rises to a breathtaking 45 metres above the forest floor. Then there’s the thrills and challenges of two confronting swaying springboard cantilevers suspended 25 metres above the forest floor which take guests to the edge of the escarpment~07.jpg

6 May 2019

BRANSTON SMALL CHUNK PICKLE is an alternative to the standard Branston Pickle, its smaller chunks lending themselves perfectly to sandwiches due to their easy spreading.
Branston is the undisputed nation’s favourite when it comes to pickle. Branston Small Chunk Pickle has the instantly recognisable Branston mixture of spice, sweetness and crunch that will bring any cheese sandwich or ploughman’s lunch to life~06.jpg

5 May 2019

Hydrates with honey:

Our locally sourced honey comes from our farm in upstate New York, where our happy, healthy VIBs (very important bees) pollinate Echinacea GreenEnvy™ flowers, infusing the honey with potent natural antioxidants. This warming, hydrating face mask delivers intense moisture deep into the skin.
Supports skin renewal:
Healing honey, soothing propolis and amino acid-rich royal jelly nourish dry skin and give it the support it needs for a younger appearance and that dewy glow. Essential B vitamins smooth skin while glycerin locks in moisture.
A luxurious spa experience:
Pamper yourself with this nourishing, hydrating mask. It gently warms and transforms into a rich cream when it’s massaged into skin, leaving your face soothed and revitalized.
Mess-free + easy application:
An ingenious magnetic spatula attaches to the top so you’ll never lose it, ensuring a hygienic and hassle-free application~05.jpg

4 May 2019

YETI LOADOUT BUCKET is the unsung hero of hard work deserved a little attention. Our ultra-durable LoadOut bucket is designed for lugging, loading, hauling, baling, and stepping. Whether you’re on the farm, on the boat or in the garage, our 5-gallon bucket is nearly indestructible and ready to work. But don’t depend on it for keeping ice cold, it has other jobs to do~04.jpg

2 May 2019

RILAKKUMA AND KAORU is a 2019 stop animation series created by San-X that premiered on Netflix on April 19, 2019.
Rilakkuma (リラックマ Rirakkuma):
A soft, toy-like brown bear whose interests are mostly limited to sleeping and eating. He appeared in front of Kaoru’s apartment one day and started living with her afterwards;
Korilakkuma (コリラックマ Korirakkuma):
A small, toy-like white bear and Rilakkuma’s close friend. He also appeared at Kaoru’s front door one day and began living with her too;
Kiiroitori (キイロイトリ Kiiroitori):
Kaoru’s pet yellow chick. Rather than sleeping and eating like Rilakkuma, Kiioritori has a hard-working nature and loves cleaning~02.jpg

1 May 2019

VORWERK TEMIAL STARTER SET TEA BREWER A dream for every tea lover! This tea maker combines state-of-the-art technology with traditional preparation for perfect tea every time. Whether you choose loose tea or a tea from the Temial range, this machine prepares delicious hot drinks at the touch of a button. The Temial code scanner automatically recognises all teas from the Temial selection and accesses important information to make that perfect cup of tea. Adjust your preferred parameters individually and personalise your appliance to make tea just the way you like it.
As soon as the preparation process begins, the appliance starts working to create the perfect infusion. The appliance is operated effortlessly and without complication thanks to the touch display or the app. The supplied BRITA® INTENZA water filter ensures your water is filtered perfectly. After the infusion time, the tea strainer separates the leaves from the water and your tea is ready to serve. An audible signal lets you know that your tea has now been prepared. Depending on the tea used, the machine will then offer to continue with its infusion stage~01.jpg