9 March 2019

BIBO BARMAID SYSTEM includes the appliance, cocktail shaker with shot glass and 3 cocktail mixes (Margarita, Cucumber Melon Martini and Tangerine Appliance. They system allows you to make great cocktails in the convenience of your home;
● Entertaining a crowd or a single serving, the Bibo Barmaid Smart Cocktail Machine lets you can enjoy mixologist-crafted cocktails in less than 20 seconds. Bibo Smart technology makes the perfect drink – every time;
● With Bibo, making great cocktails is fun and easy. Cleans up with just the touch of a button; eliminates waste – no more half used mixers; sleek, compact design display and store easily;
● Measures 16.4″ L x 8.3″ W x 15.4″ H~9.jpg

8 March 2019

The main highlight of the Galaxy Fold is that it has two displays — one on the outside and another that’s revealed when you open the phone up.
The outer display is a 4.6-inch HD+ Super AMOLED panel with a 21:9 aspect ratio. The inner/main display of the Galaxy Fold is a large 7.3-inch QXGA+ Dyanic AMOLED canvas with a form factor of 4.2:3.
You can use the outer display for anything you’d regularly use your phone for, including texting, making calls, spending endless hours on Twitter, you name it. However, the big draw to the Galaxy Fold is that you can open it up and get a tablet-like experience in a device you can easily fit in your pocket~8.jpg

7 March 2019

The stainless-steel Large Snack Tray is designed to pack six unique snack options in one container. From play dates to picky eaters, this portable snack tray is ideal for when you want small portions of lots of options~7.jpg

6 March 2019

HUAWEI MATE X even managed to turn some sceptics into bendy phone believers. Foldable screens aren’t like notches. They’re not just some incremental stepping stone on the way to achieving a bigger goal like an all-screen phone. Flexible displays have the power to transform the way people create and design entire categories of gadgets, most notably wearables and phones~6.jpg

5 March 2019

Discover the world up-close with this award-winning portable microscope! It combines transmitted light and reflected light microscopy to look at both prepared slides and everyday objects like plants or fabric. Its lightweight body and attached strap make it perfect for carrying with you to examine your surroundings.
To view prepared slides with transmitted light, place the clear plastic light panel underneath the microscope. Flip the panel up along the back of the microscope to view opaque objects using reflected light or simply to use the microscope as a flashlight. Move the knob along the dial to adjust the magnification from 100x to 250x, and use the ridged dial to adjust the focus. Press the LED button to switch the LED light on and off, or press the UV button on to view objects under UV light~5.jpg

4 March 2019

Custom-Blend Chemistry Technology isolates the concentrated actives in the cartridge from the base. It delivers optimised results with every pump by freshly combining the precise dose of actives and base~4.jpg

3 March 2019

The original board game style has been kicked up a notch with deeper strategic elements, like specific Dice Blocks for each character. The game also introduces all-new ways to play, including Joy-Con controller enabled minigames, and new modes to enjoy with family and friends. Board game play goes back to the four-player basics as you take turns and race across the board searching for Stars. You can also pair up two Nintendo Switch systems and delight in this dynamic play style, such as in the new Toad’s Rec Room mode. With new modes and new minigames coupled with original board game play, the party starts anywhere, anytime, and with all kinds of players~3.jpg

2 March 2019

NINTENDO SWITCH is designed to go wherever you do, transforming from home console to portable system in a snap. So you get more time to play the games you love, however you like. It’s a new era where you don’t have to adjust your lifestyle to play games – instead, your console adjusts to fit around your lifestyle. Enjoy games anytime, anywhere, with anyone, with flexible and free play modes~02.jpg

1 March 2019

MAISEL’S WEISSE ALKOHOLFREI NON ALCOHOLIC WHEAT BEER alcohol free is vitamin rich, isotonic and full of flavour. It’s the ideal fitness and wellness drink for the active and nutrition-conscious wheat beer connoisseur. With a specially developed brewing method, the brewing masters succeeded in gently removing the alcohol while keeping the characteristic properties of Maisel’s Weisse. A delicious cloudy wheat beer with a unique glowing amber colour and a spicy fruity taste. Only the best ingredients are selected for Maisel’s Weisse. That’s clear Fichtelgebirge spring water, Hallertau hops, best brewing salts and – this is what wheat beer is all about – the unique Maisel cellar yeast. Alongside Maisel’s Weisse Wheat Beer alcohol free enjoy 3 other great wheat beers in the Dry Drinker Big Brew Mixed Wheat taster pack. Enjoy Paulaner Alcohol Free Wheat Beer (0.5% ABV), then Schneider Weisse (0.5% ABV), finally Erdinger Alkoholfrei Wheat Beer (0.5% ABV). Isotonic drinks can quickly replace the fluids, salts and minerals we lose when sweating. Indeed, they are easy for our systems to take on board. So, you could settle for a sugary sports drink after exercise – or reach for a tasty and isotonic low-alcohol beer instead.
Ingredients: water, wheat and barley malt, fermented carbonic acid, yeast, hops~01.jpg