29 June 2020

MOBIUS DISTILLING CO. 2204 MARRICKVILLE DRY GIN is a special, cellar door-only release in the classic London Dry style. Our distiller, Philip, has been making great gins for his own consumption for years, and has written papers on its production. He has been convinced to let one of his recipes loose so we’ve decided to name it after our home in Sydney’s Inner West suburb of Marrickville. You’ll find this to be an approachable, easy drinking mixer~29


28 June 2020

MOBIUS DISTILLING CO. HY-GIN-IC ALCOHOLIC HAND RUB  We’ve based this alcoholic hand rub on the formulation published by the World Health Organisation (WHO). Obviously we’re creative and, some people would say, a bit nerdy, so we added some fresh aloe vera juice to stop your hands from drying out too much and an infusion of juniper and coriander to create a scent reminiscent of a nice gin (for Pete’s sake, don’t try to make a G&T with it though). The only way this product is going to be useful to you is if you are ALSO doing a bunch of other things to protect yourself from contracting COVID-19, including practicing good social distancing behavior whenever you need to need to go out and interact with other people~28

27 June 2020

MOBIUS DISTILLING CO. MOREAU APPLE PIE LIQUEUR Made with fresh Australian apple juice, select spices: This is apple pie in a glass! From the first nose of the luscious sweetness balanced by savory spices and apple with notes of warm pastry, through to the smooth well-balanced lingering finish, you’ll be drawn to try more of this ridiculously moreish liqueur. Perfect for mixed drinks and cocktails or simply enjoy neat for a delicious after dinner treat. Let your imagination run free and, create some cocktails with a twist~27

25 June 2020

FLORIS LONDON ROSE MOUTHWASH Pure rosewater is used to obtain the natural rose flavour for this unusual and traditional concentrated mouthwash for men and women. Freshen up your morning routine with Floris’s Rose Mouthwash. A sophisticated alternative to overpowering peppermint, we add pure rosewater to this concentrated mouthwash formula to create its subtle floral flavour. The soft pink hue is timelessly elegant and features in a signature frosted bottle, so it’ll look as good in your bathroom cabinet as it tastes. Add just six drops to a small glass of water every morning and night and your breath will be delicately scented all day long. Used twice daily at the recommended dosage, 100ml will last approximately 2 months~25

24 June 2020

KENT OHE1 100% HANDMADE BRUSH  is suitable for daily grooming thick hair. Filled with finest pure white natural bristle to promote natural shine, whilst distributing natural oils. The natural bristle is meticulously wire laid into the brush by hand using an age-old method known as hand drawing. The OHE1 is made from Ebony~24

23 June 2020

MEMOBOTTLE A6 WATER BOTTLE fits perfectly in your pocket, handbag or as a workout companion. Its practical shape reflects the A6 international paper size and allows you to transition from the gym to the office in style. This chic A6 memobottle is the perfect size for keeping you healthy, happy and hydrated. With a 375ml capacity, the A6 memobottle allows you to stay focused and be more productive. It’s the only reusable water bottle you will need, which in turn will help reduce single-use water bottle consumption~23

22 June 2020

MEMOBOTTLE 99.9 PROBLEMS A6 HAND SANITISER contains 70% alcohol and kills 99.9% of germs. Our A6 sanitiser comes in a 375ml BPA-free, reusable A6 memobottle – ready to decant into your own smaller spray bottles and dispensers, or you can use it straight from the memobottle! The packaging is made from rice, potatoes and corn derivatives blended with a copolymer so it is fully compostable~22

21 June 2020

COPHA VEGETABLE SHORTENING  is made with more than 99% coconut oil and less than 1% soy lecithin. It’s gluten free, contains no palm oil and remains stable in room temperature up to 36 degrees Celsius. Developed in 1933, Copha quickly became popular with busy mums who wanted a no-fuss vegetable shortening for home baking and cooking. From birthday parties to baking at home with mum or grandma, Copha has always been associated with fun, family and sweet childhood memories~21

20 June 2020

CARLSBERG BREWMASTERS COLLECTION INDIA PALE ALE is an amber dry-hopped and finely balanced ale with extra hops to give it a characteristically refreshing signature. The aroma is fresh and marked by a hoppy bouquet with notes of elderflower. The taste is malt balanced with a nice bitterness in the aftertaste~20

18 June 2020

CARLSBERG NORDIC GYLDEN BRYG ALCOHOL-FREE CLEAR PILSNER BEER has a beautiful crystal clear and golden colour with a bubby foam. The taste is very well balanced and offers a nice body and easily quenches thirst, just like an ordinary pilsner. The aroma is mild and delicate with fresh notes of the aroma hops’ floral fragrance. It is the perfect beer for those who love the freshness of the pilsner, but are unable to drink alcohol~18

17 June 2020

CARLSBERG 47 STRONG CHRISTMAS BEER originally brewed for the first time in 1972 on the occasion of Carlsberg’s 125th anniversary. It should only have been on the market for that one year, but its great taste quickly gained with beer connoisseurs and has had a permant place in Carlsberg Group’s product portfolio ever since. Carlsberg 47 is released every year around the time of Carlsberg Breweries’ birthday in early November and is available until the New Year. The taste is round and sweet, as a Christmas beer should be. The roasted caramel aromas blend themselves with a tasty bite in the aftertaste, and the dark color suits the season nicely~17

15 June 2020

CARLSBERG FRYDENLUND SESSION IPA  is a modern American style lager. The term ‘session’ harkens back to the days of WWI-era in England when munition workers were allotted short “session” breaks between shifts. Many workers would spend those breaks in the pub. As they knew they had to return to work, the workers preferred lower ABV beers that they could enjoy without getting too drunk before going back to work. Frydenlund Session IPA is dry hopped with Cascade, Citra, Hallertauer Mandarina Bavaria and Mosaic hops. This beer has a beautiful amber colour. The aroma is hoppy with notes of papaya, mango and citrus. The taste is rich with a hoppy punch~15

14 June 2020

CARLSBERG TETLEY’S SMOOTH FLOW ALE is a smoothflow ale with a creamy caramel bitter sweetness, balanced with a pleasant hoppiness and a soft caramel finish. Para Tetley’s was established in 1822, by an ambitious young man called Joshua Tetley. With his experience in the family malting business and the belief in its motto ‘Quality Pays’, Joshua Tetley took advantage of the lack of successful breweries in the North of England, compared to the number of good ones in London. After nearly two centuries of perfecting the brewing process, the name Tetley’s is synonymous with a smooth, tasty pint created from a perfect combination of traditional and modern brewing techniques. Tetley’s range of quality ales is brewed using only the finest quality ingredients to the highest standards to ensure the perfect pint every time~14

13 June 2020

KITCHENAID ARTISAN 9 SPEED HAND MIXER KHM926  with more power, more speeds and more accessories than ever before, this is the perfect go-to small appliance for mixing, kneading, whipping, blending and so much more. Includes redesigned heavy duty dishwasher safe stainless steel beaters, the addition of a pro whisk, dough hooks and liquid blending rod~13

12 June 2020

POP VINYL FUNKO FIGURE ANIMATION SAILOR MOON LUNA & ARTEMIS Sailor Moon is the story of a teenage girl who learns of her design as the legendary warrior, Sailor Moon. She must band together with the other Sailor Soldiers to defend the Earth and Galaxy. This Pop Vinyl features cat Luna and Artemis~12


11 June 2020

ENCHROMA RECEPTOR FITOVER OUTDOOR COLOR BLINDNESS GLASSES can be conveniently worn over prescription glasses. The wrap-around design provides excellent coverage from stray light through the top or side of the frame. Those with sensitive eyes or medical concerns for eye protection should use this frame for its superior coverage. A hard case is included for safe storage. The frame measurements are 62-12-135 mm. To wear over prescription glasses, the total width of the glasses should be 135 mm or less, and the height of the glasses 42 mm or less. To reduce internal reflections between the lenses, glasses that have an anti-reflection coating are recommended~11

10 June 2020

● VERSATILE, CONVENIENT, and PREMIUM QUALITY: Can cook variety of foods simultaneously. Great for steaming rice, vegetables, meat or fish. It can be used as a dessert pan to make cheesecakes or Lasagna. Skip the microwave oven and reheat leftover food in your cooker to preserve the nutrients and vitamins. Reheat multiple items at once and save time! This insert set is built with durable high-quality 304 food-grade stainless steel to ensure your health and quality is not compromised;
● FITS 6 & 8 QUART COOKERS: The Ecozoi stainless steel cooker insert is compatible with, most instant pot models including IP-DUO50, IP-DUO60, IP-LUX60 IP-DUO80. Also fits other multi quart (6 quart and above) electric pressure cookers such as Kuhn Rikon, Power XL, Cuisinart, T-fal, Elite, GoWise, Secura, Gourmia, Fagor, Costaway, Faberware;
● TWO INTERCHANGEABLE LIDS: The pressure cooker set includes two lids for multi-functionality. The enclosed steamer lid is designed with holes to perfectly steam your food. The air-tight lid is perfect for cooking or re-heating food;
● DIMENSIONS: Containers come in 2 different sizes. The larger is 3.5″ high extra deep and holds 9 cups of liquid with about 1/2″ head space and the smaller unit is 2.5″ high and holds 5 cups of liquid with about 1/2″ head space. The overall unit height at 6.0″~10

9 June 2020

● ECO-FRIENDLY & BPA FREE: This product is designed as an eco-friendly alternative to Plastic Bento lunch boxes. The materials used include high quality food grade 201 Stainless Steel that is PVC Free, Phthalate Free, Leaching Free, and Lower Carbon Footprint than Plastic. Comes in recycled packaging that can be completely reused;
● DIMENSIONS: All together when boxed up, the bento measures 5 1/4 inches wide, and 3 inches high and fits about 6 to 7 cups of food or 50 oz capacity. Each section is 1 3/4 inch deep. The tray inside is 3/4 inches deep;
● BONUS INNER TRAY: The product comes with a bonus inner tray that can be used for extra storage for nuts or fruit chunks with lunch;
● NOT LEAK PROOF: No Plastic or Silicone has been used in the design. As a result, the boxes are NOT Leak Proof. Damp foods work well but very wet liquid foods may leak. Dishwasher safe~09

8 June 2020

● ECO-FRIENDLY & BPA FREE: This product is designed as an eco-friendly alternative to Plastic Bento lunch boxes. The materials used include high quality food grade 201 Stainless Steel that is PVC Free, Phthalate Free, Leaching Free, and Lower Carbon Footprint than Plastic. Comes in recycled packaging that can be completely reused;
● REDESIGNED SILICONE SEAL & BONUS LUNCH POD: The product comes with a bonus lunch pod for easy storage for nuts or fruit chunks for lunch. The redesigned silicone seal would help with the industry best leak proof performance and longevity of the product. No glue is used with the redesigned silicone seal;
● LEAK PROOF & DISHWASHER SAFE: The top portion is leak proof. Bottom portion is not leak proof. Dishwasher Safe Metal Tupperware~08

7 June 2020

ACRYLICOS VALLEJO PANZER ACES ACRYLIC COLOR PAINT Matt and opaque water-based acrylic colors, developed especially for brush-on use. The color range has been chosen to simplify the painting process and includes all the shades needed for the uniforms of the German, American, British, Italian, French, Russian and Japanese crews, using the popular figure painting technique of base color, shadow and highlights. It is recommended to apply the colors on a previously primed surface; they dry rapidly and form a homogenous and self-leveling surface while preserving even the smallest detail of the model. Panzer Aces performs extremely well on all supports and the adherence of the paint on resin, plastic, steel and white metal is extraordinary. Brushes and tools can be cleaned with water. Panzer Aces is not flammable, and does not contain solvents~07

6 June 2020

SOFINA IP BASE CARE SERUM Penetrates into the deepest layers of the stratum corneum to deeply moisturize skin that tends to lose its suppleness in a harsh, dry environment. About 20 million micro bubbles in each dollop of creamy carbonated foam spreads smoothly and clings to skin. Moisture softens skin and improves the absorption of serum applied afterward~06

2 June 2020

POP VINYL FUNKO FIGURE FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST ALPHONSE ELRIC WITH KITTENS Straight from Amestris comes Funko’s wave of Pop! Vinyl Figures form the hit Japanese manga series, Fullmetal Alchemist! Fullmetal Alchemist takes place in the fictional country of Amestris. In this world, alchemy is one of the most-practiced sciences; Alchemists who work for the government are known as State Alchemists and are automatically given the rank of Major in the military. This EXCLUSIVE Pop! features Alphonse Elric, the brother of Edward, who is also a victim of the failed Human Transmutation experiment. After having had his entire physical being taken away from him in the aftermath of the tragedy, Alphonse exists solely as a soul alchemically bound to a large suit of steel armour, looking similar to The Iron Giant. Here he comes complete with kittens~02

1 June 2020

 is a very safe paint which has a high degree of user friendliness. Aqueous Hobby Color paint can be diluted with water if desired, while paint brushes can be cleaned and washed out in water. Ensuring that this is beforethe paint is dry. The solvent contained in Aqueous Hobby Color paint is very mild. It provides a glossy texture and very good levelling qualities (ie the smoothness of coated film of paint), resulting in a very good level of painted finish. In particular, the gloss level achieved with the use of Aqueous Hobby Color gloss paints is excellent. Gloss levels obtained using gloss coat Aqueous Hobby Colors can be adjusted by using H-40 Flat Base – mix approximately 5% of H-40 Flat Base to convert gloss colors to a matt finish, or 5 to 10% for a semi gloss finish. The percentage of Flat Base used can be adjusted to vary the amount of gloss level obtained. It is not necessary to dilute Aqueous Hobby Color for brush painting as a basic rule, but if using an airbrush to spray Aqueous Hobby Color, dilute the paint with 100 to 150% Mr.Aqueous Hobby Color Thinner (T-110 0r T-111). When brush painting, generally 1 to 2 coats are recommended, and 2 to 3 coats when using an air brush. If painting a light color over a darker base surface, more coats of paint may be required~01