21 January 2019

LUXE CITY GUIDES ASIA GIFT BOX Written by resident editors and contributors who really know their cities, LUXE City Guides ‘Asia’ gift box is full of insider information that will have you doing as the locals do in Hanoi, Hong Kong, Singapore, Bangkok and Tokyo. These five highly-curated books have recommendations on everything from accommodations, dining and spas to services and specialists~21.jpg

20 January 2019

TASCHEN WALT DISNEY’S MICKEY MOUSE: THE ULTIMATE HISTORY Celebrate 90 years of Mickey Mouse with of one of the most expansive illustrated publications on the Disney universe: behind-the-scenes shots, rare animation art, and vintage comics trace Mickey’s 122 cartoons, his comic adventures, and the world of Mickey merchandise and memorabilia, as well as the legendary Mickey Mouse Club and unfinished projects~20.jpg

19 January 2019

SECOND HOUSE PRODUCTS SAHLAB Mediterranean starch pudding with vanilla and orange blossom flavour. This iconic beverage and pudding has been around since Ancient Roman and Egyptian times. Salep was the drink of choice, before the rise of tea and coffee in countries such as England and Germany. Today it is still widely consumed in many of the Mediterranean countries, and is usually sold on the streets as a hot beverage in the cold winter months. The Original recipe can take up to one hour of continuous stirring, but with our new instant version, you will be able to savour this warm silky treat any day of the week~19.jpg

18 January 2019

LUNCHBOTS LIMITED EDITION DEEP UNO HIGHEST-QUALITY 18/8 STAINLESS STEEL CONTAINER was designed for a tall sandwich! If you frequently pack bagel sandwiches or masterpieces on thick, crusty bread, the Deep Uno is for you.
● One compartment is perfect for a sandwich;
● Only the highest-quality 18/8 stainless steel comes into contact with your food;
● Dishwasher safe and virtually unbreakable;
● Deep Uno food containers are not leak proof. Please pack dry foods only;
● Dimensions: Container: 6″ x 5″ x 2″;
● Weight: 10.25 oz.~18.jpg

17 January 2019

SAVANNAH LARGE EASY CLEAN GARLIC PRESS makes peeling and crushing garlic easier than ever before! Just pop the garlic cloves into the large sieve with the skin on and squeeze down the comfortable handle. Then, simply remove the stainless steel plate for easy cleaning~17.jpg

16 January 2019

THAT INVENTIONS HEATTHAT! SAKE won’t let good sake go cold! Sake needs the right temperature to taste its very best. Now you can keep your sake warmer, longer, without messy electrical cords or batteries! Microwave the base of HeatTHAT! Sake for one minute, slide it under your flask of warm sake, and enjoy~16.jpg

15 January 2019

THAT INVENTIONS COOLSTICK In just a few quick minutes, cool a scolding hot beverage down to a comfortably drinkable temperature with the CoolStick. It works for all beverages like tea, coffee, cocoa, cider and more – it even cools down a hot bowl of soup! The cooling stick does double duty with its integrated infuser. Made of food safe 18/10 stainless steel, the CoolStick eliminates the need for ice cubes, never again dilute your tasty beverage while cooling it down~15.jpg

14 January 2019

THAT INVENTIONS MAG SPOON Just the right size for a little late night indulgence. The spoon’s magnetic handle keeps it in reach on the refrigerator door. Made from food-grade, durable aluminum alloy, the spoon won’t flex, bend, or twist out of shape as you dig into your favorite treat. The handle is also designed so the spoon head is elevated at rest~14.jpg

13 January 2019

THAT INVENTIONS LI’L DIPPER COCONUT OIL SCOOP is great for coconut oil! It is made tough enough to break apart cold, hard coconut oil without bending, flexing, or breaking a sweat. Made from a single piece of reinforced, anodized food grade aluminum, the ergonomic, child-safe design makes getting that hard coconut oil out of the jar a breeze. The extra long handle and curvature scoop head makes it easy to reach down to the bottom of the jar, so you can enjoy healthy cooking without breaking a sweat~13.jpg

12 January 2019

KRAFT WHIPPED PEANUT BUTTER AND DIP From classic Smooth and Crunchy to delicious varieties like All-Natural and Whipped, we’ve got a peanut butter everyone will love. Imported from Canada~12.jpg