13 February 2019

Chinese Chopper;
Boning Knife;
Utility Knife;
Tomato Knife;
Slicing Knife;
Steak Knife;
Decorating Knife;
Vegetable Knife;
Paring Knife;
Peeling Knife~13.jpg

12 February 2019

Salmon Knife;
Granton Slicer;
Country Loaf Knife;
Chef Knife;
Bread Knife;
Santoku Knife;
Filleting Knife;
Carving Fork~12.jpg

11 February 2019

TASCHEN: FOOD & DRINK INFOGRAPHICS – A VISUAL GUIDE TO CULINARY PLEASURES A must-have for every 21st-century foodie, this book gathers the best infographics of all things eating, drinking, and cooking. Whether it’s the secrets of sashimi or stress-free party planning, this is gastro-guidance at its most visually appealing and expert, solving kitchen conundrums in simple and memorable graphics, while exploring visual representation of food through the ages~11.jpg

10 February 2019

APPLE TV 4K lets you watch movies and shows in amazing 4K HDR — and now it completes the picture with immersive sound from Dolby Atmos. It streams your favourite channels live. Has great content from iTunes and apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Stan. And thanks to Siri, you can control it all with just your voice~10.jpg

9 February 2019

YOSHIKAWA YUKIHIRA SAUCEPAN is part of the YOSHIKAWA classic collection of traditional Japanese cookware made in Tsubame, a small city known for high quality metalworking since its farmers began hand making iron nails in the 17th century. For 70 years, YOSHIKAWA has carried on the region’s dedication to high quality metalwork, which has since blossomed from stainless steel flatware to all kinds of household and industrial products. Whether you’re a casual chef or a true professional, depend on YOSHIKAWA to consistently deliver cookware that perfectly meets your needs.
● Made of lightweight and high quality stainless steel;
● Dimpled by hand to maximize its heating capacity and heat retention;
● Designed with two-sided pour spouts for ambidextrous use;
● Comfortable, natural wood handle that stays cool to touch;
● Easy-to-read measurements engraved inside for added convenience;
● Stain-resistant and easy to clean;
● Compatible with all cooktops (including induction)~09.jpg

8 February 2019

MI BOX S Connect to a world of content and entertainment at home with Mi Box S. Running on the latest Android TV 8.1 is easy to use, supports voice controls and your favorite apps such as Netflix, VUDU, YouTube, SlingTV and more! Experience stunning 4K HDR visuals and DOLBY DTS for an immersive experience. Catch your favorite TV shows, play games, watch the news or listen to the radio. Mi Box also recommends videos based on your personal YouTube and Google Play preferences.
Powered by Android 8.1 for Superior Functionality:
Enjoy the latest Version of Android TV 8.1, perfect for home entertainment, home theater, business use, and more;
Access Tons of Content:
Access to 3000+ channels and Apps, Enjoy movies and TV episodes from Netflix, VUDU, YouTube, and more;
High Clarity 4K HDR:
Supports 4K Ultra HD resolution and High Dynamic Range (HDR), experience clarity and smoothness like never before;
Voice Control that Does It All:
Built-In Google Assistant and in Apps voice search. Search for photos, check the weather, set an alarm. Life should be simple;
High Performance Storage Capacity:
Powerful Quad-core CPU, 3+2-core GPU, provides fast and stable rendering to enjoy a high quality video experience;
A powerful little helper:
Get hands-free help in any room with Google Home Mini. It’s powered by the Google Assistant. You can ask it questions. Tell it to do things. Its your own personal Google;
Get answers from Google:
Use your voice to quickly find information about the weather, news, sports and more. “Hey Google, will I need an umbrella today?”~08.jpg

7 February 2019

TASCHEN TODAY MEETS YESTERDAY BY YANG LIU  In this third installment in her best-selling pictogram series, graphic designer Yang Liu brings the way we were face to face with the way we are. Through Facebook, food waste, concentration spans, and much more, Liu’s crisp visuals offer a lively, discerning distillation of our ever-evolving world, from the details of daily experience to the momentous happenings of history~07.jpg

6 February 2019

TASCHEN MAN MEETS WOMAN BY YANG LIU  It’s time for a reality check with the opposite sex. As part of her best-selling pictogram series, leading designer Yang Liu distills the experiences, challenges, and many perspectives facing men and women, from age-old clichés to current debates, from boardroom politics to bedroom antics~06.jpg

5 February 2019

TASCHEN REM KOOLHAAS – ELEMENTS OF ARCHITECTURE This collection is a look through the microscope at the real fundamentals of our buildings, revealing the essential design techniques used by any architect, anywhere, anytime. Conceived by Rem Koolhaas and made with the Harvard Graduate School of Design, it is a primordial toolkit to understanding how seemingly stable elements are actually in constant evolution~05.jpg

4 February 2019

TROPICAL FRUIT ACHACHA known in Bolivia as the Achachairú, (meaning honey kiss in Guaraní, a local native language) is highly prized, having been cultivated for centuries in domestic orchards in the tropical lowlands of the Amazon Basin. It has not been commercialised internationally until now.
Many people think of Bolivia as being a high mountainous country in the Andes. That is true in the area around La Paz, the capital, and in one third of the country. However Santa Cruz de la Sierra, the country’s largest city, is located in the tropical lowlands, home to many wonderful exotic fruits and vegetables including the Achacha.
Delicious, refreshing, exotic, tangy, effervescent . . . no wonder the name translates as “honey kiss”!
It is refreshing to eat at ambient temperature, but even more stunning when served cold or even frozen. There is a fine balance between its sweetness and its acidity, creating a unique taste sensation. It has an exotic appeal similar to the mangosteen, longan, rambutan and lychee. Although the Achacha is a cousin of the mangosteen which is known as the “queen of tropical fruit” throughout Asia, it has less than half of the sugar content which gives it that special unique tanginess~04.jpg