21 August 2018

M&M’S® CARAMEL M&Ms have been filled with plenty of things in their 75-year history but Mars has kept one of chocolate’s most popular companions away from its popular shelled-chocolate for years — until now. A creamy caramel centre covered in milk chocolate, decked out in a signature colourful shell. They’re calling it, what else but, M&Ms Caramel. With the new creamier centre, M&Ms is introducing a fourth taste-sensation category for the popular treat: soft and chewy. Others include crispy with pretzel, smooth with milk and dark chocolate, and nutty with the ever popular Peanut M&Ms. The company has experimented with limited edition flavours in the past — like mint, coffee and chilli nut — but not the fillings. It’s calling the caramel addition one of the biggest launches in the brand’s history. Mars is certainly onto something big because as soon as news of the new item broke, the masses reacted with enthusiasm and rabid excitement~21.jpg

20 August 2018

MCSWEENEY’S MISSION STREET FOOD is a restaurant. But it’s also a charitable organization, a taco truck, a burger stand, and a clubhouse for inventive cooks tucked inside an unassuming Chinese take-out place. In all its various incarnations, it upends traditional restaurant conventions, in search of moral and culinary satisfaction. Like Mission Street Food itself, this book is more than one thing: it’s a cookbook featuring step-by-step photography and sly commentary, but it’s also the memoir of a madcap project that redefined the authors’ marriage and a city’s food scene. Along with stories and recipes, you’ll find an idealistic business plan, a cheeky manifesto, and thoughtful essays on issues ranging from food pantries to fried chicken. Plus, a comic. Ultimately, Mission Street Food: Recipes and Ideas from an Improbable Restaurant presents an iconoclastic vision of cooking and eating in twenty-first century America~20.jpg

19 August 2018

SPEEDOMETER OFFICIAL STEEL CASINO SPECIAL EDITION BRACELET  are desigend and produced in Italy, inspired to the ring of the sportif watches. Top quality marine steel 316L, nichel free, hypoallergenic, water, scratches and temperature proof. The colored strip, is produced in aluminum, printed in bright ceramic colors and scratch proof. SPEEDOMETER OFFICIAL BANGLES are unisex and one size, treated with a process to soften the steel and to allow to get the bangle adjustable to the wrist and marked by laser with the Speedometer Official logo. The logo and brand Speedometer Official is under international copyright and international design registration, to grant the originality of the creation and idea. Speedometer official bangle is delivered in a zipped black neoprene folder, flyer with all the info and warranty card. The casino stripe bracelet is inspired to the numbers of the roulette wheel and it is delivered with a casino chip gadget~19.jpg

18 August 2018

STAR WARS X JAM HOME MADE JEWELRY COLLECTION Jam Home Made makes collaborating with some of the world’s top brands look so easy. Following joint work with BAPE, CONVERSE, Stussy, and New Era, the Japanese accessory brand now snags the iconic Star Wars movie franchise for their latest Jewelry Collection. Including character-themed rings and bracelets, the pieces need little introduction, but Master Yoda’s lightsaber bracelet and a trio of droid bead bracelets are clear stand-outs. The drop is also finished off with a Stormtrooper-embossed premium leather wallet with a wrap-around silver zipper and a bracelet with three lightsaber hilts~18.jpg

17 August 2018

NYX WONDER STICK UNIVERSAL LIGHT NEUTRAL WITH SHIMMER is our ultimate dynamic duo: One side for a brilliant highlight, the other for a sleek contour. Now available in two more highly pigmented color combinations! Each couple is creamy as can be, which allows for beautiful blending. Available in six color-coordinated shade pairings~17.jpg

16 August 2018

SYDNEY INNER WEST COUNCIL is a new Council formed by the merger of the former Leichhardt, Ashfield and Marrickville councils. We acknowledge that this land area traditionally belonged to the Gadigal and Wangal peoples of the Eora nation~16.jpg

15 August 2018

ON-OFF BEDSIDE LAMP WITH CREATIVE GRAVITY SENSOR The light body itself is a switch. It can be easily turned on /off according to the side it slides to with the built in gravity sensor. Compact, decent and space-saving, this creative lighting is also handy for any urgent condition. The body and the base are made of high quality HIPS and ABS respectively. With four rounded corners, compared to other ordinary night lights, it offers a more comfortable hand feeling and higher impact resistance. Integrated with aesthetics, science and technology, it can function as a night light, bedside lamp and emergency light. There is a brightness-adjustment switch for the high light, soft light and shutdown. The high light is appropriate for the night reading, while the soft light is perfect for your sweet dream. Just adjust it to your preference~15.jpg

14 August 2018

PUNKT MP 01 BASIC MOBILE PHONE The operating system is refreshingly down-to-earth. No app icons, animations, or special effects vying for your attention. The phone is without the internet, which makes it easy on the eye when you’re using it, and easy to put away when you’ve finished with it. Most basic phones on the market reuse old-fashioned technology and design, and are sold on price alone. The MP01 is made in small production runs using top-grade components, and leaves that noughties retro-look behind. It’s an object of real beauty and style, both inside and out. Charge a smartphone once or twice a day. Charge the MP01 every now and then. Crystal-clear audio, Gorilla Glass screen, and a tough, glass-fibre reinforced body treated with the same finishing processes used by manufacturers of professional camera equipment. The MP01 is something that you buy and you keep. It’s more than just currently ‘up-to-date’ – it’s timeless~14.jpg

13 August 2018

PHAIDON WALLPAPER* CITY GUIDE SYDNEY & WALLPAPER* CITY GUIDE BARCELONA Your passport to global style, Wallpaper* City Guides present an insider’s checklist of all you need to know about the world’s most intoxicating cities. Under slick Pantone covers, these pocket-sized travel bibles unearth the hippest nightlife, the buzziest hotels, the coolest retail, the most influential art galleries and cultural spaces, the best in local design and the contemporary architecture that defines a city. Perfectly sized for travel, discreet and easy to use, so you don’t feel like a tourist, these books are ideal for either extended breaks or business trips. They are rigorously researched, and curated by an extensive network of experts, from in-house editors to in-the-know local correspondents. The series now covers more than 100 dynamic destinations.
● Focus on architecture, design, luxury and style;
● 55 stunning original colour photographs;
● A unique barometer of the contemporary scene;
● Eight main chapters with 11,000 words of insight;
● A map colour-coded by the hippest neighbourhoods~13.jpg

12 August 2018

HELLO KITTY X JAM HOME MADE JEWELRY COLLECTION Hello Kitty amassed a huge following in its home country and overseas, en route to becoming a global marketing phenomenon. Now synonymous with Japan’s “kawaii” culture, the fictional character even boasts collaboration with some of streetwear’s finest, including BAPE, UNDERCOVER and Stussy just to name a few. Accessories manufacturer JAM HOME MADE is the latest to link up with Hello Kitty, but their joint offering may not be as “kawaii” as you’d think. This capsule range is comprised of a skull head pendant and ring, featuring the character’s iconic red bow and yellow nose~12.jpg