29 November 2020

CHRISTOPHE ROBIN REGENERATING SERUM WITH PRICKLY PEAR OIL Composed of 94% natural-origin ingredients and free of silicones, the luxurious regenerating serum offers nutrition and protection to the hair with a powerful alliance of botanical oil and butter. Prickly pear seed oil; one of the richest vegetal sources of omegas and amino acids, helps hair feel strengthened. Tucuma butter is a powerful nurturing treasure, known to be highly concentrated in fatty acids and carotenoids. It intensely nourishes hair without weighing it down and reveals an ultimate shine. A true multi-purpose serum protects hair from artificial heat up to 440°F (230°C) while improving the appearance of split-ends and frizz. Hair is regenerated, sumptuous, smoothed and intensely nourished, while offering a supple, frizz-free finish reflecting light perfectly~08

27 November 2020

MIRACLE CHEF AIR FRYER OVEN DELUXE 7-IN-1 MULTI COOKER replaces 7 kitchen appliances in one convenient and easy-to-use counter-top oven. It uses Rapid Air Technology that cooks food with a whirlwind of superheated air for great crispy-fried taste without all the added fat and calories. Roast, grill, bake, fry and more with the Miracle Chef Air Fryer Oven~08

26 November 2020

DORAEMON – NOBITA’S NEW DINOSAUR is a Japanese anime science fiction adventure drama film. The screenplay is written by Genki Kawamura – the producer of Your Name, The Boy and the Beast and Weathering with You. This is the first Reiwa-era Doraemon movie. The film celebrates 50 years of the Doraemon franchise alongside Stand by Me Doraemon~08

25 November 2020

JAPANESE MANGA NOBLE FARMER BY HIROMU ARAKAWA The story focuses on shorts episodic anecdotes of the author’s childhood and early adulthood in a farmer’s family in Hokkaido, an islandic region of Japan situated north. The drawing style is very simple and thus fit well with the humoristic and daily-life feeling of the manga, and all characters are expressive and recognisable. Every chapter is centered around Hiromu Arakawa and her family, drawn as cows, and their daily life as she narrates to her editor Miss Ishii, who is often bewildered by their antics. The humor of the story lies on the differences between the lifes of farmers and townfolks, often about how hard is the work in the farm and how they get to eat luxury fruits and vegetables for free. Many aspects of countryside life are depicted without getting boring, each in their own funny ways. With that many informations, the reader will also learn a lot about farming techniques and japan-specific traditions~08

24 November 2020

ISOCOL RUBBING ALCOHOL ANTISEPTIC MULTIPURPOSE ANTI-BACTERIAL LOTION  has been used by Australians for over 35 years. Isocol products are currently ranged in grocery outlets, as well as major and independent pharmacies nationwide. Isocol is 100% Australian owned and manufactured. An antiseptic, cleanser and freshener all in one handy little bottle. Isocol is made up of 64% isopropyl alcohol and kills germs on the skin, evaporates quickly, and leaves your skin feeling fresh and fragrant~08

23 November 2020

ICE FRAPPE KALKO FRAPPE MACHINE KDM 450A A piece of Greece in your home with frappe machines. No conversation about Greek coffee would be complete without mentioning the Greek innovation of frappe maker. Coming from the French word meaning ‘to hit’, a frappe is a cold coffee drink that has become very popular in Greece, especially during the hot summer months. It was invented by accident back in the 1960s when a Nestle chocolate employee ran out of chocolate milk mix to make a drink and used instant coffee instead. That’s really all it is: instant coffee, milk, and ice, blended together and served with a straw~08

22 November 2020

BARLEY CUP CEREAL DRINK WITH DANDELION Barleycup with Dandelion is a refreshing low calorie drink made with roasted barley, rye, chicory roots and pure dandelion essence. Barleycup with Dandelion contains no additives, caffeine or added sugars and is lactose and dextrose free and contains just 10kcals per cup. For centuries people across the world – from Arabia to Europe, have turned to the dandelion plant, and in particular the root as a source of wellbeing – believing it to be of particular benefit for the liver and the digestion. Barleycup with Dandelion is the flavoursome choice for anyone likes coffee but wants to cut down on the amount of caffeine in their diet. You can enjoy Barleycup with Dandelion on its own or with milk – including soy, almond or rice milk.
Ingredients: Roasted barley (40%), rye, chicory root, dandelion root (10%), sugar beet~08

21 November 2020

BARLEY CUP CEREAL DRINK ORGANIC Barley and rye are amongst the world’s oldest cultivated grains and have been enjoyed by mankind for centuries – thanks to their great taste and nutritional profile, including fibre content and vitamins. Barleycup Organic is made from the finest certified organic roasted grains and chicory roots. Full of flavour and lots more besides, Barleycup drinks are the natural choice for those who like tea and coffee but are trying to cut down on the amount of caffeine in their diet. Made only from wholesome roasted barley, rye and chicory, Barleycup Organic is free-from caffeine and contains no artificial additives. Simply add hot water to a spoonful of Barleycup Organic for a drink that contains no added sugar but has a tempting aroma and a mild taste and contains just 10kcals a cup! Enjoy Barleycup on its own or with milk, including soy, almond or rice milk as part of a healthy balanced diet.
Ingredients: Roasted barley(47%), rye, chicory~08

20 November 2020

SALT ODYSSEY PRIME SEA SALT FLEUR DE SEL All natural, unrefined, the purest and tastier of all sea salts. Ancient Greeks called it “ANTHOS ALATOS” hence the name Fleur De Sel. Skimmed off by hand from the salt ponds of Messolonghi – an unpolluted area environmentally protected by the Ramsar Treaty- this luxurious, clean-tasting crystals surprise chefs and food professionals. With its velvety flavor and moist texture, it will work miracles as finishing salt on meat, salads, potatoes, eggs, vegetables, among others~08

19 November 2020

VORWERK THERMOMIX ROCKSTAR STONEWARE BETTY Prepare mouth-watering dishes which are juicy on the inside with a perfectly crisp crust on the outside. Betty’s lid keeps all of the moisture inside where it belongs! Ideal for fluffy loaves of bread, juicy roast joints of meat and saucy slow-cooked casseroles. Delicious bread just like you’d get from a bakery: a crunchy crust on the outside and super airy on the inside. Serve it up with a slowly-simmered beef stew or coq au vin. High-quality stoneware that is easy to use and easy to clean. Glazed on the outside and fine-pored on the inside, the Rockstars achieve the best culinary results. When used, the Rockstars form a natural non-stick layer which ensures that the food does not stick to the dish and that food can easily be removed from the stoneware~08

18 November 2020

PANDORA DISNEY MICKEY SILHOUETTE Play the stacking game with one or more of our puzzle rings that fit seamlessly together to create new jewellery pieces. This sterling silver ring is shaped as Disney’s Mickey Mouse silhouette. Shaped for stacking and polished to a high-shine finish, you can wear it alone or try sliding the corresponding Minnie Mouse puzzle ring around it for an entirely new look;
PANDORA POLISHED WISHBONE RING Sleek and understated, the beautiful clean lines of this wishbone ring need no other adornment. This simple yet striking piece is crafted from polished sterling silver in a classic wishbone shape. Keep it simple and wear it on its own, or twin it with our Sparkling Wishbone Ring for a touch of glamour. This Pandora ring can also be teamed with other wishbone-inspired styles in contrasting metals for a multidimensional look~08

17 November 2020

SUMIKAMA KASUMI DAMASCUS 20CM CHEF KNIFE The main cutting blade of KASUMI knives is made of VG-10 high carbon stainless steel that has been developed especially for knives. The blades are hardened to Rockwell C59-60 degrees, and therefore, keep a sharper cutting edge longer than any other knives. On both sides of the main cutting blade, fine damascus stainless steel pattern is clad. The KASUMI pattern that you see on both sides of the knives is the result of repeated folding and forging of fine stainless steel into multiple layers. Each knife is carefully finished throughout each step of the manufacturing process by the hands of skilled craftsmen.The beauty of the KASUMI pattern together with the strong black laminated wooden handles makes these knives look graceful, yet strong, and good for any style of cooking~08

16 November 2020

● Slim, Stylish, Durable: Everything you love about the original Prepd Pack, now more colorful. The Prepd Lunchbox includes 1 Prepd Pack outer case, 1 large container with saucepot for dressings and sauces, 2 small containers and 1 set of magnetic cutlery;
● Portion Control Containers: Equipped with modular containers, 1 large and 2 small, ideal for meal prep and perfectly sized for portion control. With redesigned seals making, the containers are leak-proof without the need for clunky clips;
● Natural Placemat: An easy-open enclosure keeps food storage containers neatly packed in place and opens into the perfect placemat;
● Magnetic Cutlery: Uniquely designed magnetic cutlery that stays together so you always have your utensils at hand;
● Safe and Versatile: PrepD Containers are made from a premium, food-safe plastic material, that is free from BPA and all other Bisphenols including BPS. They are dishwasher safe, microwave safe, and freezer safe~08

14 November 2020

9BARISTA ESPRESSO MACHINE The first jet engineered stove top espresso machine. 9Barista produces professional quality espresso by using a new, patented technology that sets it apart from all other espresso machines. 9Barista is beautifully simple. It has no electronics and only one moving part. The machine produces professional quality espresso by using a new, patented technology that sets it apart from all other espresso machines. Constructed from solid brass, and with no electronics or moving parts (apart from a spring) 9Barista is engineered to last a lifetime~08

13 November 2020

RYUKAKUSAN DIRECT STICK PEACH The gentle effects of this herbal medicine works directly to the throat, healing its weakened functions. A cough medicine you can refresh your throat anytime, anywhere without water.
● The gentle effects of this herbal medicine works directly to the throat, healing its weakened functions;
● Protects the throat’s health, solving problems caused by the throat’s dryness;
● Works efficiently on throats with soreness, irritation, swelling, coughs and on phlegm symptoms;
● Suitable for daily use to people who care to nurture the throat;
● A stick packaged granule to take without water, a cough medicine which you can refresh your throat anywhere, anytime. Refreshing peach flavor~08

12 November 2020

COCO EARTH ORGANIC COCONUT MCT OIL We extracted the potent & healthiest part of coconut oil to make our ACO Certified Organic Coconut MCT oil. We have eliminated the undesired fatty acids to ensure the final product retains only unique healthy fats (MCTs) also known as C8 & C10. Wondering what is MCT?? Well, Medium Chain Triglycerides (Caprylic & Capric acids) are the healthy fatty acids that are rapidly absorbed and quickly converted into energy rather than stored as fat. This unique quality makes them Ketogenic diet friendly. So go ahead, add CocoEarth Organic Coconut MCT oil as a part of your Keto diet plan – mix with Salad as dressing, Coffee, Shakes or Yogurt and enjoy the health benefits~08

11 November 2020

On 11 November 1918, the guns of the Western Front fell silent after four years of continuous warfare. With their armies retreating and close to collapse, German leaders signed an Armistice, bringing to an end the First World War. From the summer of 1918, the five divisions of the Australian Corps had been at the forefront of the allied advance to victory. Beginning with their stunning success at the battle of Hamel in July, they helped to turn the tide of the war at Amiens in August, followed by the capture of Mont St Quentin and Pèronne, and the breaching of German defences at the Hindenburg Line in September. By early October the exhausted Australians were withdrawn from battle. They had achieved a fighting reputation out of proportion to their numbers, but victory had come at a heavy cost. They suffered almost 48,000 casualties during 1918, including more than 12,000 dead. In the four years of the war more than 330,000 Australians had served overseas, and more than 60,000 of them had died. The social effects of these losses cast a long shadow over the postwar decades~08

10 November 2020

MISEN SAUCIER POT Similar to the saucepan, but better! The saucier’s rounded walls and wider mouth make stirring and whisking easier. It’s favored in professional kitchens because its rounded walls leave no corners for food to stick and burn. They make stirring with spoons and whisks a breeze — and make the whole pot easier to clean. Like all Misen stainless steel cookware, this 5-ply pan offers optimal heat conduction and retention for even cooking, with comfortable ergonomic handles and durable construction that will last a lifetime. Our cookware is made from a 3.0mm thick composite featuring 5 layers of stainless steel and aluminum, for superior heat conduction and retention. Our ergonomic handles offer a more secure, comfortable grip and remain cool during stove-top cooking. Strong riveted construction and quality steel make our pots and pans highly durable for a lifetime of cooking. All cookware is compatible with gas, electric and induction cooktops~08

9 November 2020

MISEN NONSTICK PAN combines the highest quality (and safest) nonstick surface with a unique plasma primer that helps the nonstick perform better than pans that cost over $130, at a fraction of the price. Our nonstick uses PFOA-Free, 3-layer Dupont Platinum Coating for superior and long-lasting release. Infused with Titanium, it’s 2.5x more effective than traditional primers at keeping your nonstick surface working properly. Removable stay-cool silicone grip with a textured underside for incredible comfort and control~08

8 November 2020

MISEN 7QT DUTCH OVEN WITH GRILL LID is a workhorse. It can sauté, sear, boil, fry, bake, and braise, from the stove, to the oven, to the table. We used 4 layers of FERRO enamel (the strongest enamel available) to prevent chipping, scratching, and cracking. It’s the luxury brands’ secret to life-long reliability. Cheaper brands have hand-dipped enamel, creating uneven coatings that crack and chip more easily. Our modern spray application ensures an even coat that’s consistent down to 0.02 mm. Zero imperfections make for a lifetime of toughness. We designed a grill top lid that provides the same tight seal as our traditional lid, but can also be used alone as an indoor grill. The same premium cast iron and enamel layers help create a nearly-nonstick grilling experience and perfect browning. This added silicone lid creates an airtight seal on your Misen Dutch Oven — handy if you’re using the grill top lid and base at the same time. It’s highly durable, PFOA-free, oven-safe, and made from platinum-grade silicone. Plus, it stacks neatly between the lid and base when you’re storing them away. Our enamel is smooth enough to be nearly nonstick without any maintenance. Most messes just need a gentle soak and scrub to wipe away. Our dutch oven is also dishwasher-safe~08

7 November 2020

PYREX COOK&GO RECTANGULAR STORAGE DISH is designed to be usable in the freezer, fridge, oven or microwave. Also featuring a cleverly-designed, airtight lid, allowing you to store and transport your meals safely. Made from Borosilicate glass: oven resistant upto 300°C. Suitable for microwave, oven, fridge and freezer. Scratch and stain resistant. Made in France~08

6 November 2020

TEFAL CUISINE 32CM NON STICK WOKPAN is designed with the everyday chef in mind. Pro-Glide non-stick interior ensures easy food release, and enables healthy cooking with little to no oil. Thermo-Spot technology shows when the pan is perfectly preheated, and the base ensures fast heating for even cooking results. Dishwasher and oven safe up to 350°F~08

5 November 2020

MEDATURE PSL REPAIR MOISTURIZER STEP 4 A rich, lightweight moisturizing cream, specially formulated to release a burst of replenishing nutrients and botanicals, and complete the nightly skin care regimen. The moisturizer nourishes all skin types, and is especially effective for revitalizing dry and combination skin. The versatile formulation features innovative PSL emulsion technology with natural Ceramide to absorb easily, repair skin’s water-binding structure, and prevent moisture loss. Hydrating Squalane and emolliating plant oils help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and promote smooth, radiant and healthy-looking skin. Ceramides, fatty acids and Cholesterol combine in this formulation to repair and revive the skin barrier. Ceramides help the dermis retain moisture, replenishing and restoring the skin structure. Within skincare, they are most efficacious when combined with fatty acids and Cholesterol, as these ingredients also make up the fabric of the skin structure. Together, they envelop the skin barrier in moisture and nourishment, strengthening the dermis and promoting a soothed, supple complexion. Niacinamide gives skin cells the necessary energy to repair themselves, and play a vital role in preventing pigmentation. Anti-inflammatory Aloe soothes and replenishes skin to reveal a new natural radiance~08

4 November 2020

MEDATURE ENCAPSULATED RETINOL SERUM STEP 3 A nightly serum that is encapsulated for time release via cutting-edge stabilization and delivery technology to arise to clearer, smoother skin. Retinol targets individual imperfections, such as uneven tone and texture, and the signs of aging. The intuitive formulation works overnight to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and loss of firmness for a renewed appearance by morning. Retinol treats skin wrinkles and prevents wrinkles, by increasing Collagen gene expression and decreasing the production of Collagenase, an enzyme that breaks down Collagen. Collagen is integral to realizing and maintaining strong, youthful appearance, as it supports the skin, and increased levels help combat the signs of aging. Tocopherol, commonly known as Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that hydrates[1] skin, along with Ceramides, essential lipids that help form the skin’s barrier and assist the skin in retaining moisture. Glycerine, a very potent humectant pushes water into the skin and deeply moisturizes from the inside out~08

3 November 2020

MEDATURE NIACINAMIDE HEXYLRESORCINOL HYDRO BRIGHT TREATMENT STEP 3 An invigorating brightening treatment and pigment corrector that uses powerful natural ingredients to help even and lighten skin, resulting in a youthful radiance. The replenishing formulation harnesses Resorcinol to help repair and prevent pigmentation, improving the appearance of skin texture overtime. Niacinamide re-energizes skin cells and soothes the dermis, while Hyaluronic Acid infuses the skin with soothing, reparative moisture. The result is a revived complexion with a luminous finish. Resorcinol is one of the safest and most powerful skin lightening ingredients, which is often used in chemical peels to even and brighten skin tone. The potent ingredient turns off the enzymes in the skin that create the skin pigment, melanin, working to prevent skin pigmentation. Niacinamide’s strong anti-inflammatory capabilities help prevent irritation, and give cells the energy to repair themselves. Antioxidant-rich plant extracts soothe and replenish the skin for a calm, revitalized appearance~08

2 November 2020

MEDATURE ENERGIZING Q TONER STEP 2 A daily hydrating toner that preps skin for the following moisturizing step, while promoting a natural radiance and suppleness. The revitalizing formulation features antioxidant powerhouse Coenzyme Q10, which helps reenergize skin cells and protect against future free radical damage. Hyaluronic Acid provides a replenishing wave of moisture, while potent soothing plant extracts calm the skin and visibly reduce redness. The toner leaves skin soft, supple and prepped for the succeeding skin care products. The toner is powered by Coenzyme Q 10, an antioxidant that helps neutralize free radicals that can cause aging and inflammation. Coenzyme Q 10 is a special antioxidant because it uniquely energizes the mitochondria of the cells, which serves as the cell’s engine. This ‘fuel’ is needed to give the cells energy to repair themselves and protect against future harm. Hyaluronic Acid pulls water to the skin’s surface to smooth and plump the cells, adding a layer of protection and hydration for a smooth, firm look and feel~08

1 November 2020

MEDATURE PLANTRACT CLEANSING GEL STEP 1 A gel-based cleanser that lifts away makeup, pollutants and toxins, impurities and excess oil with a refreshing touch. Nature-derived cleansing agents and soothing ingredients remove makeup and other impurities, while calming the skin. The delicate formulation cleanses and purifies, while never stripping the dermis of its natural, essential moisture or softness. The cleanser harnesses naturally derived Coco-derived surfactants, which gently cleanse without injuring the delicate skin barrier, unlike most cleansers, which feature detergents and surfactants that strip the barrier of vital fats and leave small holes in the skin. Portulaca, Aloe, Camellia Extracts and Allantoin also work to soothe skin, by targeting various aspects of the inflammatory pathways. The unique blend of anti-inflammatory ingredients work to block inflammation at many points in the chain to break the cycle of inflammation~08