26 February 2020

POY-SIAN MARK II THAILAND NASAL INHALER AND OIL is a mixture of essential oils, herbs and salts that can be used as a simple solution to help relieve nasal congestion, refresh the body and mind and also get rid of dizziness and fainting. Inhalers are very popular in Thailand and everyone has at least one. This is due to their convenience and fast action of refreshing the body, mind and curing a wide variety of symptoms.
The Poy Sian Mark II is a mixture of salts and essential oils such as clove oil and peppermint oil. The main ingredients include:
Eucalyptus oil – 8.5%;
Menthol – 42%;
Camphor – 16.4%;
Borneol – 6.1%;
The eucalyptus oil helps to dissolve tough oils such as sesame and mineral oils. It also helps to dissolve extracts called scales from some herbs such as peppermint and menthol. The Camphor and Borneol salts are made up of three main compounds that include essential oils which when inhaled, cause a cold, refreshing sensation on the nasal cavity. This helps clear your throat and sinuses and keep you feeling refreshed and alert. It also helps reduce symptoms like dizziness or fainting~26