3 December 2019

101 – rose / sweet pea / white cedar:
Rose and musk, sensual and delicate.
Damascene rose petals dancing in the wind, thrush bells, fresh, floral air. The green note of the 101 gives it form, and the musk in its base note a soft cotton print, while patchouli offers a coveted element of chypre;
301 – sandalwood / amber / cardamom:
Amber and spices. Sensual sandalwood and fresh notes.
Spicy and oriental top notes draw you into this scent’s woody depths. Soft, hot and intoxicating, sandalwood’s essence sits at the heart of this composition and a rich hint of an old whisky barrel lingers;
602 – pepper / cedar / patchouli:
Sharp spices from Southern seas, classic comfort of wood. The 602 opens with an offering of luminous citrus notes, bitter grapefruit meets the freshness of mint. The heart unveils a cold and spicy character with pepper and berry, woody patchouli essences, cedar and vetiver. And finally, this scent becomes whole with smoky, mystic tones~03.jpg