27 September 2019

22 STUDIO MERGE TAPE DISPENSER Every professional needs office supplies, but that doesn’t mean that these supplies have to be boring, as evidenced by this gorgeous and unique tape dispenser. Designed to do the job as well as any other tape dispenser, this option has the added benefit of bringing a fun design and thought-provoking shape to any desk. The original colour of this tape dispenser is part of what helps it to stand out on a crowded desk, as the concrete is fashionable, bold, and sure to attract attention. The weight of the piece is perfect, as it ensures that the tape dispenser won’t easily tip over when being used. Designed to be very appealing to architects, this tape dispenser has three geometric shapes in the design that work together to create a custom and intriguing piece. With a cylinder, rectangular prism, and hexahedron, this piece is sure to be more than just a tape dispenser, but a work of art~27.jpg