21 September 2019

XOUL PURE RECOVERY PEELING GEL It is a highly concentrated premium Peeling gel that contains nutrients to the skin and gives step by step skin care.
Up to old keratin and waste in pores:
With its soft moisture, it gives skin keratin and waste without irritation, gives vitality to tired skin and gives satisfaction;
Moisture and nutrition for skin:
The natural cellulose ingredient keeps the skin moisturized and nutritious and gently cleanses the skin;
Skin Moisturizing and Trouble Care:
It regulates the PH balance and gives skin vitality. It also helps in troublesome care with herbal ingredients such as Centella asiatica, Asparagus Cochinchinensis, and Acanthopanax;
Human Epithelial Cell Conditioned Media Extract 150mg:
Human Epithelial Cell Conditioned Media Extract provides a rich nutrition and elasticity to the skin~21.jpg