13 May 2019

VORWERK KOBOLD VR300 VACUUM ROBOT has a powerful suction force and cleans carpets and hard floors with reliable efficiency. Its innovative round brush with rubber fins and a front brush enable more dirt to be picked up. A practical side brush cleans difficult to reach areas along edges and in corners. Not even door thresholds can stop the vacuum robot: it overcomes them effortlessly thanks to an integrated climbing function. It returns automatically to the charging station when the battery (5,833mAh) is empty and resumes its work at the previous location after charging. The sophisticated vacuum robot is easy to control via the Kobold robot app. The work area can be delimited from anywhere by way of No-Go lines or defined using a layout plan. It is even possible to start cleaning remotely. A connection with Amazon Alexa makes operation even more convenient as the robot is controllable via voice command. The robot’s dust bin is emptied hygienically via the intake slit when its work is done~13.jpg