2 May 2019

RILAKKUMA AND KAORU is a 2019 stop animation series created by San-X that premiered on Netflix on April 19, 2019.
Rilakkuma (リラックマ Rirakkuma):
A soft, toy-like brown bear whose interests are mostly limited to sleeping and eating. He appeared in front of Kaoru’s apartment one day and started living with her afterwards;
Korilakkuma (コリラックマ Korirakkuma):
A small, toy-like white bear and Rilakkuma’s close friend. He also appeared at Kaoru’s front door one day and began living with her too;
Kiiroitori (キイロイトリ Kiiroitori):
Kaoru’s pet yellow chick. Rather than sleeping and eating like Rilakkuma, Kiioritori has a hard-working nature and loves cleaning~02.jpg