9 April 2019

APPLE CREDIT CARD The fact that Apple Card lives on your iPhone lets you do things you simply couldn’t do before. Things that actually help you build a healthier financial life;
When you want to see how much you’re spending, there’s no need to log in to a separate website or app. Your totals are laid out for you in the Wallet app, by week or by month. Only it’s not just your totals. Apple Card makes it easy to spot trends in your spending, so you can decide if you want to change them. See a lot of orange? That’s things like lunch and coffee. Green? Must be those tickets to Miami;
Apple Card uses Maps to pinpoint where you bought something. No mysterious merchant codes. No guessing. Just the store name, along with its location on a map;
Tap Food and Drinks to view a list of purchases from places like Whole Foods Markets, Dunkin’, and DoorDash. Or Entertainment to see what you’ve spent on movies, concerts — even your Apple Music subscription. You can also tap a merchant name to see all your purchases from them;
Whether you’re grabbing coffee or reserving flights, Apple Card gives you Daily Cash on every purchase you make. And there are no limits on the amount you can get. It goes straight to your Apple Cash card in the Wallet app, so you can spend it with a tap. On anything you want. Buy things in stores, on websites, and in apps. Or make a payment on your Apple Card. Or pay back a friend in Messages. Or send it straight to your bank account and watch it add up. The money on your Apple Cash card can be spent using your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Mac~09.jpg