27 December 2018

OKAMOTO HAJIME DONBURI Born in 1942 in Osaka, the famous Japanese artist Hajime Okamoto traveled to China’s Jilin Province on a youth cultural exchange, and created modern Chinese-influenced art with a unique Japanese taste. He focuses on calligraphy and painting. In 1998, he created the famous ‘Kabamaru’ series, a group of hand drawn cats caught in a variety of amusing and mischievous poses, with equally interesting and fitting captions. Each cat has its own personality! The leader Kabamaru likes to chill and amble around slowly. Momoji is silly, and loves to play. Urume is a charming and relaxed rogue. Sakon loves to play with fast moving objects!
The Okamoto Hajime Bowl 980mL Brown is perfect for those who want a bit of encouragement as they chase their life goals! Feel inspired by the cat Kabamaru, who is engaged in trying to set the world record for the longest and most contorted stretch to be performed by a cat! With the caption “Perseverance summons good luck” (nebari dzuyosa ga fuku o yobu), this bowl reminds you that the secret to success is perseverance~27.jpg