13 December 2018

MOLESKINE PASSION JOURNAL TRAVELLER’S JOURNAL  is a structured before and after record of every journey you take, from weekends away to life-changing trips and everything in between. The intro pages are packed with practical tips and tools, including an 8-year calendar and timeline for serious travel planning, while the Travel Memories and Wish List section gives you plenty of space to dream of holidays past and future.
Record up to 20 Short Trips and 6 Long Trips, note down travel plans before you leave and get organized with checklists, budgeting and must-see recommendations. When you return, transform the blank pages into a scrapbook of tickets, photos, receipts, maps and mementoes.
Designed to grow into a tangible and unique archive of journeys near and far, the Traveller’s Journal takes pride of place on the shelf next to your favorite travel memoires and guides. It comes in a smart box to protect your travel memories, making it a wonderful gift for anyone who loves traveling~13

12 December 2018

TALA ORIGINALS COOK’S DRY MEASURE 1960’S STYLE  The cook’s dry measure is an invaluable kitchen tool. Simply pour ingredients up to the desired level for speed and accuracy without using weighing scales. The cook’s measure is calibrated in both metric and imperial so it is easy to follow favourite old cookery books as well as recipes passed down from a mother or grandmother. It measures in ounces, grams, American and English cups and pints. The cook’s measure is also calibrated for fluid measurements and can be used to measure liquids for immediate use but it is not watertight and liquids will soon find their way through the seams~12.jpg

11 December 2018

TALA ORIGINALS 1960S SET 3 STORAGE TINS  that can be used to store your kitchen essentials. Hinged lids that are easy to use. Embossed with the Tala logo~11.jpg

10 December 2018

TALA ORIGINALS 1950S STYLE ICING SYRINGE SET IN TIN  includes a syringe, a selection of six nozzles to create different decorative designs, and ‘How to Decorate a Cake’ booklet; a step-by-step beginners guide to icing cakes and biscuits. Our Tala icing syringes have been manufactured in England using the same machinery since the 1920s. An antique Tala nozzle still fits one of our syringes today as none of the production processes have changed. Every icing syringe involves 33 hand processes and are made by one of a small team of skilled people~10.jpg

9 December 2018

TALA ORIGINALS 1960S VINTAGE MILK BOTTLE 500ML This vintage style bottle not only looks good but is the perfect container for family favourites such as homemade lemonade, milkshakes or elderflower cordial. With a traditional ceramic stopper and 500ml capacity, it is also great for taking to picnics and barbeques~09.jpg

8 December 2018

MAD MILLIE OLD FASHIONED GINGER BEER  Make ginger beer the old fashioned way!
Make delicious ginger beer from scratch using ginger, brown sugar, fresh lemon juice, ginger beer yeast, water and nothing more. Fresh, no additives, and nothing artificial!
Makes 6 x 750ml bottles of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic ginger beer.
Note: An included recipe for Non-Alcoholic Ginger Beer may contain alcohol up to 0.5% and is legally declared as alcohol-free~08.jpg

7 December 2018

MUJI ULTRA SONIC AROMA DIFFUSER HUMIDIFICATION MJ-ADB1 It is an aromatic diffuser that can enjoy scent for about 20 hours at maximum;
Automatic drip of essential oil;
You can supply water from above without opening the lid;
Humidification applied tatami number: Wooden Japanese style room 5 tatami mats, prefab Western-style room 8 tatami;
Amount of humidification (strong operation): Approximately 300 ml / h;
Continuous humidification time (during strong operation): about 6 hours;
Tank capacity: about 2 L~7.jpg

6 December 2018

JOSEPH JOSEPH THERMOBASTE 3-PIECE ROASTING AND BASTING SET features a large baster that helps keep your meat tender and evenly cooked, whilst the leave-in meat thermometer provides lets you keep track of the optimum temperature of your meat so you won’t over or under-cook it.
The third part of this set is a handy cleaning brush, which along with the thermometer, fits neatly inside the baster to fit easily into your drawer.
So whether it’s a Sunday Roast or a special occasion, make it extra tasty with Thermobaste~6.jpg

5 December 2018

JOSEPH JOSEPH BREAKFAST SET INCLUDING POACH-PRO AND GOAVOCADO  is a 3-in-1 avocado preparation tool, which opens, de-stones, scoops and slices all in one. It features a fold-out plastic blade, a stainless-steel pitter, a curved slicing head and an ergonomic, soft grip handle.
Poach-Pro is a unique design that enables you to cook professional-style poached eggs in water, without the mess. The two-piece design effectively creates a cling-film/plastic-wrap pouch*, which neatly holds the raw egg as it cooks, ensuring an even shape and a mess-free pan.
The pouch also allows you to infuse your eggs with other flavours, such as herbs and spices, whilst cooking~5.jpg

4 December 2018

JOSEPH JOSEPH GOEAT LUNCH BOX Perfect for packing your homemade lunches, this food storage container from the GoEat range has a large compartment for your sandwiches or other dry food and a top compartment with a divider for wet food or snacks. The smart silicone lid has a locking collar to keep the food fresh and safe inside. When empty, the top compartment fits inside the base compartment and locks together to save space in your bag. Dimensions: Top compartment- 500 ml (16 oz) Base compartment- 700 ml (23.5 oz) Full container- 19 × 14 × 8.5 (6*) cm or 7½ x 5½ x 3½ (2½*) inches~4.jpg