26 July 2018

MIJI DESIGN CUBE SERIES INDUCTION With the new Cube Series, Miji is extending its product initiative in the newly launched Miji Design brand with exciting colours and a new design adaptation. Three different colours – strawberry pink, kiwi green and lemon are the key features of this product line. The ergonomic handles and the newly designed knob come in the same colour and give the Cube a unique exterior, while following the clear lines of all Miji design, which is based on the principles of the German design school Bauhaus. ‘Less is more,’ said Mies van der Rohe, a founding father of the Bauhaus school. The body of the Cube series takes the square as its basic design form and the height is adapted in perfect correlation with the geometrical golden section.
Inside this minimalistic shape the high-quality German technology has been installed~26.jpg